First look at MW2 map Rust coming to Modern Warfare Season Two

Infinity Ward

Rust – one of the most famous maps in Call of Duty history – has been confirmed for Season Two of Modern Warfare.

Fan anticipation for Modern Warfare’s second season grew exponentially on February 7, when a significant leak came by way of the official Call of Duty website. The leak confirmed a host of new content, including a ‘Ghost’ operator skin and a brand-new battle pass.

Other new in-game items include two new weapons: the GRAU 5.56 assault rifle and the Striker 45 submachine gun. The former is described “lightweight, maneuverable and full of potential”, while the latter is a “hard-hitting and long-range SMG.”

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However, a new detail has emerged in the aftermath of the leak, confirming the arrival of ‘Rust’, a fan-favorite map that dates back to 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. 

The details come by way of charlieINTEL, whose Call of Duty AR card was updated on February 7 to confirm Rust’s imminent addition to Modern Warfare. 

An in-game image accompanied the news. At first glance the map looks almost identical to the original, which became notorious for trickshotting in Modern Warfare 2. 

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shows Rust's return to Modern Warfare in 2020charlieINTEL/Infinity Ward
The map looks very similar to the original.

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While the date of Rust’s addition to Modern Warfare has not yet been confirmed, fans are very excited for another opportunity to revisit Afghan desert map. It will most likely launch on the same day as Season 2, February 11.

The map is known for its grid-like structure and tiny size, lending itself to some chaotic, fast-paced gameplay. In the center of the map there is a large metallic tower, which quickly established itself as a power position and a great location for trickshots. 

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Rust was added to 2016’s Infinite Warfare, but was adapted significantly for the futuristic setting and advanced movement system. 

Rust has already been remadeInfinity Ward
Rust returned as ‘Excess’ in Infinite Warfare, but changed a lot of its design and aesthetics.

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The news confirms existing rumors that a host of Infinity Ward multiplayer maps are set to be added to Modern Warfare over its life cycle. 

If the rumors are to be believed, Rust probably won’t be the last map from an old CoD that we see added to Infinity Ward’s 2019 title. 

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