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First Four Teams For Ghosts Throwback Tournament Revealed – Former OpTic Nation, compLexity and More

Published: 5/Sep/2018 15:54

by Calum Patterson


The first four teams for the the CoD: Ghosts Throwback Tournament, hosted by OpTic Gaming’s Hitch, have been revealed, with fan favorite teams from the 2014 Ghosts season reuniting.

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Throwback tournaments have become a tradition of sorts during the competitive Call of Duty off season, as pro players reunite on previous rosters to return to classic CoD titles.

Organized by Davis “Hitch” Edwards of OpTic Gaming, four teams have been announced, bringing back the storied rosters of OpTic Nation, compLexity, Team Kaliber and Team Envy, from the 2014 season.

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OpTic Nation: MBoZe, KiLLa, MiRx, Ricky


This squad may not have won a major event during the Ghosts season, but this roster is all about the personality. Both MBoZe and MiRx are now retired from competing professionally, but this team reuniting will bring back memories for fans, especially of their unrivalled trash talk.

compLexity: ACHES, Karma, Crimsix, TeePee

This legendary roster should need no introduction. In eight events during the Ghost season, they won five, one 2nd place and one 3rd. Of course one of these events was their World Championship win, securing the players their first rings – and Karma his second.

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Kaliber: Theory, Goonjar, Neslo, Sharp


Team Kaliber may have had their best season yet in CoD: WWII, but long term fans will still recall the Ghosts season as the tK glory days somewhat, despite not winning a major event. They were always challengers however, with four runner up finishes (although two of these were with Clayster and Apathy on the squad respectively).

Team Envy: Rambo, NAMELESS, StuDyy, MerK

Although none of these players still compete (although StuDyy has revealed plans to return for Black Ops 4), this team shouldn’t be dismissed. They weren’t expected to get to the grand final at 2014 Champs, but they did, and it reignited many of their careers. The chemistry on this squad should be interesting as NAMELESS and MerK now work together with MLG/CWL, and Rambo has been helping develop CoD titles with Sledgehammer.


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The tournament will be held on September 22, played on the UMG website, with a $5,000 prize pool. Here’s the full details from Hitch:

On September 22nd, UMG and myself are bringing the community an 8 team, Ghosts invitational for $5,000. The entire purpose of this tournament is to try our best to reunite past rosters from that year one last time on this particular game. More team announcements coming soon! Get your vectors ready.

Another four teams are still to be announced, and there are still plenty of legendary rosters to establish, from OpTic Gaming, Strictly Business, FaZe Clan and Team JusTus to name few.