Fire shotguns are back in Modern Warfare 2 and causing havoc already

expedite shotgun in modern warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare and Warzone players will be all too familiar with the Dragon’s Breath shotguns that have caused so much frustration over the years — and it appears Infinity Ward have brought them back with just as much firepower in Modern Warfare 2.

Dragon’s Breath shotguns caused a huge controversy in MW2019 and Warzone, as they started to take over the meta and frustrate players, the sound of the “doof doof” shotguns resonating across Verdansk for example.

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Before long, the devs had to nerf the shotguns and the Dragon’s Breath rounds attachment, as complaints continued to mount against them.

For the most part, many players simply believed that fire rounds had no place in the game anyway, so it wouldn’t have been a complete surprise if they were simply struck into the CoD history books and forgotten about forever.

That is not the case, however, as players have found the Dragon’s Breath shotguns in Modern Warfare 2, and are melting players in the beta.

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As shown by Jaxon in this clip, who unlocked the gun in the beta through modding (the weapon is still meant to be hidden to players), the Expedite 12 with Dragon’s Breath rounds definitely exists and can take out enemies in two quick shots — perhaps just one, depending on how the other shotguns in the gameplay.

With the weapon options limited in the beta, except for modders or exploit glitches, most players won’t get their hands on fire shotguns until the full game launches on October 28.

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That does also mean that if these shotguns do end up being insanely powerful again, we’re not likely to see them nerfed until after launch, which could cause some headaches for some players in the opening days.

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