FaZe Swagg defends Dr Disrespect over “blacklist” from Call of Duty

dr disrespect and swagg side by side pictureYouTube: Dr Disrespect, Swagg

FaZe Clan’s Warzone star Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson has voiced his support of Dr Disrespect, as the top streamer has expressed his frustration about being “blacklisted” by Activision and Call of Duty.

In September, the Doc slammed Activision for not inviting him to the COD Next event, asking if they’re “kidding” not bringing him out to the Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 reveal event.

Just a couple of days later, he explained why he thinks Call of Duty no longer want to work with him, saying that he believes it’s due to his criticism of the games in recent years.

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“I’ve done it just because I passionately love the game and I ain’t changing nothing,” he said at the time. “I ain’t changing how I feel. What, am I supposed to completely sell out my whole soul? Hell no, man. I say how it is.”

Now, with the Doc already expressing his disappointment at his lack of involvement with the upcoming Call of Duty games, FaZe Swagg has shown his support.

“If you don’t know, Dr Disrespect has basically been blacklisted from Activision and Call of Duty,” he explained. “They don’t invite him to play the game early or test it or anything like that, even though he worked on Call of Duty before.

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“And I come to say here: I stand with Doc. I really want them to involve him. He’s one of the greatest streamers, and entertainers of our time. I think they need to release Doc from the shackles and let him in.”

Activision themselves haven’t spoken out about why Dr Disrespect hasn’t received invites to their events or been given early access to create content around their titles, and that’s unlikely to change.

However, with the development of Doc’s game, Deadrop, ongoing, he may have bigger things to focus on as his own shooter starts to take priority and come to fruition.

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