FaZe Swagg blown away by TimTheTatman’s life-saving Warzone clutch

Swagg stunned by TimTheTatman Warzone playActivision/Swagg/TimTheTatman

Despite often being roasted for his Call of Duty skills, YouTuber Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar put on an absolute clinic during a Warzone match that left Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson speechless.

In his October 28 stream, Tim teamed up with FaZe Swagg for some Warzone matches and pulled off some moves that impressed the 25-year-old.

With Tim positioned on a rooftop taking shots on foes, Swagg went to chase down a low-health target, but found himself being downed by an enemy off in the distance.

Sensing his teammate was in need of help, Tim shielded him by absorbing some bullets before returning fire, letting Lamberson crawl to safety.

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The two weren’t even close to being out of the woods yet, however, as another two opponents approached looking to take out the wounded Swagg and Betar.

Even with the odds against them, Tim managed to seemingly unlock Ultra Instinct and dodged the bullets like he was Neo in The Matrix, leaving Swagg amazed.

TimTheTatman saves Swagg with insane Warzone play

“Oh my God, Tim!” he exclaimed as the YouTube weaved his way through and secured a double kill. “Oh my God!”

“Not bad for a 31-year-old, huh?” Tim joked as Swagg was revived back into the fray.

While the clip itself was amazing and worth of being tweeted by Tim on social media, his posted ended up being roasted regardless after he miscaptioned the play as “31 year old dad btw” forgetting the word “year.”

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This amusingly resulted in yet another TimTheTatman clip getting roasted, but on the bright side, Dr Disrespect didn’t have anything negative to say about this one.

Tim has really stepped up his Warzone game in recent weeks and we can’t wait to see what highlight reels he has in store for us once Vanguard and its ranked mode launches.