FaZe Kalei left speechless after joining unbelievably chaotic Warzone lobby

FaZe Kalei playing WarzoneTwitch.tv/Kalei

FaZe Kalei is known for her wild child personality but this Fortune’s Keep Warzone lobby started off too chaotic even for her taste.

Warzone’s pre-game lobbies are one of two times that players can speak directly to other members of the game that aren’t on their team, and as expected, they’re known to get hectic from time to time.

While Kalei largely grew her brand by creating chaos both in-game and on social media, even she got a bit overwhelmed this time around, but it’s easy to understand why after hearing the clip.

FaZe Kalei enters one the most chaotic Warzone lobbies of all time

The clip from Kalei’s stream picked up right on time and showcased all of the madness. From the moment she joined the lobby, the usually-outgoing and over the top streamer is stunned into silence as the noise from the other players is simply impenetrable.

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While there are too many different voices to pick all of them out, one player can be heard screaming while another rapidly repeats the classic “yo momma” phrase ad infinitum into their headset.

More people chimed into the cacophony until it was all just a blend of mostly unintelligible noises, all while Kalei sat in her chair with her jaw dropped in disbelief.

This kind of raucous back-and-forth is typically reserved for the post-game lobby where player can briefly chat amongst themselves but it seems like this particular Resurgence group didn’t feel like waiting to get their chatter off.

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With the news of proximity chat coming to Warzone 2, it’s easy to wonder if lobbies might be trending back towards being just as famously chaotic as they were back in the Xbox 360 & PS3 era of the franchise.