FaZe Jev calls out CoD Zombies over basic feature still missing after months

faze jev and zombieActivision, FaZe Jev

Treyarch have been called out by none other than FaZe clan member Jev. The conspicuous absence of an important Zombies feature in Vanguard has left the streamer curious and he has questioned the devs on the matter.

Vanguard Zombies has had a bit of a rough time since its launch. Der Anfang has received nothing but scathing abuse from fans that have slated its “disgusting” holiday update, “dumpster fire” Season 1 update, and even Syndicate branded Zombies an L.

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One of the main reasons for this is the sheer volume of missing gameplay features in comparison to Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies launch. A ton of stuff has been left out, and FaZe Jev believes one omission is highly questionable so far into the game’s lifecycle.

altar of covenantsActivision
The Altar of Covenants was new, but wasn’t enough to mask the missing content.

The ability to pause a game has been around for decades and is something you usually don’t even have to think about being included.

However, Vanguard Zombies Solo play, which has always let players properly pause the game, doesn’t allow for any fully-fledged interruptions. Instead, it will bring up the various settings in a menu, but the game will still run in real-time.

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In response to a Treyarch Tweet about an upcoming Zombies update, FaZe Jev said: “Just got kicked out of my unpausable solo zombies run because I had to pee. Please add a pause feature. Why is this happening? How is this happening?”

Many players have a theory that Solo Vanguard Zombies doesn’t have a pause option due to the game running on dedicated servers. Vanguard represents the first game where Zombies is running on completely dedicated servers.

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Meaning that, like a normal online multiplayer match, you can’t pause the game. Treyarch has promised that some kind of pause feature will be arriving midseason though. In a post outlining their plans for 2022, they said: “Server Pause Functionality, and more are planned for later in Season.”

It’ll be interesting to see how they implement the concept with dedicated servers being enabled.