FaZe Clan could make surprise return to Pro League following CWL London

New intel has surfaced in the competitive Call of Duty community that points to prominent esports organization FaZe Clan possibly joining the CWL Pro League prior to the end of the season.

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The CWL Pro League consists of 16 teams that have all qualified via one of two ways – by either finishing in the top four at CWL Vegas or successfully advancing through the Pro League Qualifier tournament.

FaZe Clan, who are not in the Pro League this season after winning Stage One of it last season, could be a part of the proceedings once again when the Pro League reconvenes after the upcoming CWL London major tournament.

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Whose spot would FaZe Clan take in the CWL Pro League?

On April 4, Red Reserve pro player Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall dropped a bombshell during his stream when he hinted that Red Reserve’s spot in the CWL Pro League could soon become FaZe’s.

“What if I told you stream, what if I told you that the Red Reserve spot somehow becomes the FaZe Clan spot?” he said, curiously humming several times afterwards.

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How would FaZe Clan take Red Reserve’s spot?

The way the CWL Pro League is set up, teams that qualify for a spot are allowed to transfer it to another organization for a price, as long as the new organization and the team it fields keeps at least one of the original players who qualified for the spot.

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This means that FaZe can purchase a spot from Red Reserve, allowing them to come into the Pro League and pick up right where RR left off, inheriting their 5-6 record and fourth placement in the Division A standings.

Of course, since RR and the other 15 teams are already locked into the pools for CWL London, this transfer would likely have to take place after the tournament.

MLGFaZe Clan are looking to get back into the CWL Pro League after having won Season 1 last year with their roster of Priestahh, Crowder, ZooMaa, and Attach (left to right)

What would this mean for Red Reserve’s roster?

If Red Reserve to end up selling their CWL Pro League spot to FaZe Clan, then their roster will more than likely be split apart, as FaZe would probably want to bring in some of their own players, like ZooMaa.

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However, according to the rules, FaZe would have to keep at least one of RR’s players on their roster, although they could easily exploit the loophole of designated that player as their substitute.

As for who the player(s) are that FaZe may want to keep, it’s unlikely that it’ll be either Skrapz, Zer0, or Bance, as all three have already announced free agency.

This means that either Rated or Joee, or both, would have to end up on FaZe’s roster, if this deal is indeed set to go through.

With Skrapz (middle right), Zer0 (far left), and Bance (middle left) having announced free agency, only Joee (middle) and Rated (far right) are candidates to join FaZe’s roster if the deal takes place.

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How likely is this to happen?

Of course, this intel has to be taken with a grain of salt because Skrapz is, so far, the only one that has said something about it.

However, that is not to say that it’s unlikely to happen, especially since three of Red Reserve’s players have already declared free agency, and there have been talks for months that the org could be on its way out of esports entirely.

In short, it’s better to wait and see what happens before jumping to conclusions, but if something like this were to happen, FaZe Clan and Red Reserve would be the perfect candidates to strike the deal.

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