Fast-travel coming to Warzone Season 6 with subway system

. 2 years ago

Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed some brand new details about the upcoming subway in Call of Duty: Warzone, including the fact that it will, essentially, be a fast-travel system, which will more than likely change the game up significantly.

With a map as big as Warzone’s, travelling from one point to the other is a tedious task to say the least. Even with vehicles it sometimes takes too long to get to one point on the map. Of course, this is a part of every battle royale game. You’re not supposed to be able to get from one side to the other in seconds like a true open world game.

Last season, the developers famously included a train system in order to keep a vehicle constantly flowing from one side of the map to the other. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really been used as much of a vehicle and instead is just a moving fighting location, which very well might have been the intention all along.

Infinity Ward
The subway in Warzone will have seven stops throughout the map of Verdansk.

Now, Activision has unveiled new details about the subway system coming to Warzone, which is set to go live with Season 6 on September 29, and if it operates the way they describe it, it’s going to completely change how the game works.

According to the developers, the subway essentially acts as a fast-travel system, which is pretty unique for the battle royale genre. Players will be able to find identical stations around the map in various locations, go into them and choose which location they’d like to travel too based on the selections they have available.

Players will be able to fight in identical subway stations located around the map.

There are a few restrictions to this of course. Depending on which location they are in, it seems like players will only have two options for destinations. In addition, the train won’t move if there’s fighting happening on either the train or the tracks themselves. Players also won’t be able to move to a location that’s in the storm.

There’s still some questions left to be answered, however. Does the train actually move on tracks at high speeds or do players essentially just teleport from one station to the other? Also, how much “fighting” has to happen in order for the train to stop? Will players not be able to fire their gun at all or will it require an enemy nearby?

Hopefully all these questions will be answered soon, as Season 6 is only a few days away at this point.

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