Fans convinced they can hear ‘Modern Warfare 4’ at private CoD 2019 test event

. 3 years ago

After a closed-doors play session of the ‘new Call of Duty‘ was teased by a handful of College football players, some fans, who grow impatient for a teaser, are convinced they can hear ‘Modern Warfare 4’ being spoken of.

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The play session was very much secretive, save for a few social media posts which gave nothing about the game away, other than it was Infinity Ward’s 2019 offering.

Pretty much everyone is convinced that the game is going to the fourth entry in the Modern Warfare series, but nothing has been officially confirmed to that effect yet.

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Infinity Ward
CoD fans are hoping for a return to a ‘modern’ setting for next game.

CoD fans speculate on Modern Warfare 4

Of course, that doesn’t stop rampant speculation, and the sole clip of footage from the private play session has sent some fans down another hole of wonder and anticipation.

The short clip is almost entirely unintelligible, and deliberately so, to prevent even the slightest hint at what CoD 2019 will be, but having slowed the clip down, fans believe they can hear both ‘killstreaks’ and ‘Modern Warfare 4’.

Call of Duty fan Tyler James uploaded the slowed version of the clip to YouTube, and places subtitles below where he believes he hears the title ‘Modern Warfare 4’.

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Do they really say Modern Warfare 4?

Posting the clip on Reddit, James states “I slowed down the video from the football players playing the new game, and added subtitles. they definitely say “killstreaks” and “modern warfare 4”.

The clip split opinion, with some agreeing they could hear parts of it, but not the entirety, and others who say it is clutching at straws, but do hear ‘streaks’ and ‘warfare’.

Not everyone is so convinced however, with some commenters arguing “People hear what they want to hear, it’s just a illusion.”

Even if the players did utter Modern Warfare 4, it still wouldn’t be any kind of confirmation – after all, they could have been discussing their surprise that it wasn’t Modern Warfare 4, for all we know.

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