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Call of Duty • Oct 30, 2018

Fan concept would make it easier to see weapon attachements in Blackout

Fan concept would make it easier to see weapon attachements in Blackout

Black Ops 4 players are always coming up with great ways to improve the game and this suggestion for Blackout is one of the best yet.


While being able to manage your inventory in a battle royale is extremely important, seeing what attachments you have equipped in Blackout is sometimes a bit cumbersome.

Reddit user ‘TR1CL0PS’ has come up with a concept that would make it easier than ever to see your attachments without having to jeopardize yourself in the heat of battle.


Currently, the only way to gain see what attachments you have on each weapon in Blackout is to open up the menu and inspect each weapon individually.

On console, this means having to stop moving altogether in order to do so, which could put you in plenty of danger.


TR1CL0PS’ concept would eliminate this struggle by displaying your equipped attachments on the HUD in plain view.

Viewing your attachments would be easier than ever with this concept design.

With this UI update, players would know exactly what they have equipped at all times, making it easy to know what attachments you need to keep an eye out for or swap for when looting.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you’ve got equipped and having to fumble around while trying to quickly loot a fallen enemy quick enough to not leave yourself out in the open.


While there’s no way to know if this is something that Treyarch will bring to Blackout anytime soon, it would certainly be a welcomed addition for all players. 

Given the developer has already confirmed that more quality of life updates are on the way for Blackout console players, we could see a similar change come to Black Ops 4 very soon.

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