Call of Duty

Fan accidentally congratulates Skrapz for winning after he lost at CWL Fort Worth

by Eli Becht


Things got a little awkward at CWL Fort Worth after a fan congratulated Skrapz for his win, despite the fact he lost to his twin brother.


Matthew 'Skrapz' Marshall is a professional Call of Duty player for Red Reserve while his twin brother Bradley 'wuskin' Marshall is a pro player for Team Reciprocity.

The two brothers went against each other today, Championship Sunday, at the CWL Fort Worth event with wuskin and Team Reciprocity coming out victorious.


All of this was business as usual until a fan came up to congratulate wuskin on his win. 

Except it wasn't wuskin being congratulated but it was actually his twin brother Skrapz who was being congratulated.


Skrapz and wuskin are probably used to being mixed up in real life but none of those moments probably stung as much as this one had to.

Fortunately, Skraps took the mistake in stride and tweeted about the error, calling it an 'ultimate dagger' in reply to someone who pointed out what had happened.


As for the fan, he probably felt a little embarrassed for pouring salt on a fresh wound but it's something you can laugh off years down the road.

In the case of Skrapz, it's probably a bittersweet feeling as he is out of the competition but he is still able to root for his brother.

Skrapz and ruskin when they were members of Team Fnatic.


If you're following the action at CWL Fort Worth you can keep up with our live updates of the games during Championship Sunday right here.

The action wraps up today so stay tuned.