FaZe ZooMaa reveals what he wants to do after retiring from competitive CoD

Matt Porter

FaZe Clan member and professional Call of Duty player Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto has revealed what he would like to do when he has finished competing.

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The streamer was taking questions from his viewers, when he was asked what he would like to do when he finally hung up the controller, and moved away from competing.

While some may have thought that ZooMaa would perhaps look at coaching as an option, or even casting as a viable future, it seems that the American has his sights set on full-time content creation.

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“I want to be a streamer,” stated Paparatto. “I want to be a full time streamer, or an entertainer for FaZe.”

ZooMaa even stated that he would be fine not being a streamer, as long as he remained a part of the legendary esports franchise.

Paparatto continued: “I could maybe even get a management role in FaZe, I definitely want to work with FaZe when I’m done playing. 100%. 110%. I want to work for FaZe.”

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Fans of FaZe will be happy to hear that Paparatto intends to continue his long standing partnership with the organization, but will be hoping that he doesn’t intend to retire from competition any time soon.

ZooMaa is widely regarded as one of the best Call of Duty players in the world, and helped his organization lift the CWL Pro League Season 1 trophy back in April, 2018.