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FaZe Clan Black win January 6-7 NA CWL 2K tournament – Full recap and results

Published: 8/Jan/2019 0:49 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 15:01

by Wyatt Donigan


The first North American 2K tournament is now in the books and there were more than a few surprises along the way during the two-day event.

With many of North America’s top teams opting to play in the CMG ProDown instead of the weekly 2K tournaments, the field was fairly wide open for the teams in attendance.

Even given the wide-open nature of the tournament, though, both Excelerate Gaming and FaZe Clan Black were teams that many had their eye on coming into the tournament, but only one lived up to the hype.

Excelerate Gaming, hot off a win during the December 16 tournament where they defeated FC Black in the grand finals, were looking to make it two straight.

Unfortunately, however, their run was cut short by Project7 in the quarterfinals, leaving them with a 3rd-4th place finish.

On the other side of the bracket, it was FC Black who were tearing through things on the way to the grand finals with a string of dominating victories.

FaZe ClanFaZe Clan.Black once again came in as one of the best teams in the tournament.

They looked to be in full control during every series, making easy work of each team they went up against, including a 3-0 in the semifinals against F6 2019, to set up a showdown against Project7 in the grand finals.

Once in the grand finals, FC Black was still playing lights out, picking up the first two maps to put themselves on tournament-point in a hurry.

Project7 wouldn’t let things go that quickly, though, winning Control on Frequency fairly easy with a 3-1 score. FC Black easily bounced back once things switched over to Hardpoint on Hacienda where they rolled through Project7 250-121 to secure the series and their first 2K.

You can find the Top 16 placements for the first 2K of 2019 below:

NA CWL 2K Series January 6-7, 2019 – Final Placements

Place Pro Points Cash Prize Team Roster
 1 2,000 $2,000 FaZe Clan Black Asim, GRVTY, Mosh, Phantomz, Tisch
 2 1,200 $500 Project7 Atura, Evasion, Hollow, Cells, Vivid
 3-4 800 Mazer Gaming Destiny, Vicious, Newbz, Wreckz, SupremeAgility
F6 2019 Miyagi, Hazykun, iBuLieVe, Jintroid, Stumpfy
 5-8 600 Excelerate Gaming Beehzy, FA5TBALLA, MRuiz, Believe, ProFeeZy
Midnight Esports Envoy, LlamaGod, Parzelion, Brack, JetLi
Rose Esports GloFrosty, Fatal, Mujaydin, Decizionz, Return
Orlando Reapers Legal, TwiZz, TurnUp2eZ, Happy, MiRx
9-16 400 Hybrid Gaming HumanJesus, JuJu, KlinK, Hate, Willett
Sweat+co Ramey, Fatal, Jump, Sweat, TbeJdub
Astropolis AustinCruelty, Instinctzyx, Mouserrrr, StlOutlaw, StuNNaGOAT
TheGoochGobblers Bullseye, Diamondcon, Holler, Nelson, Remy
Nation of Power Slater, Mizuno, Reign6, RobbieB3319, Zinx
Nemesis Esports akaMAGIK, AssassinXJXK, Camila2RCabello, RWPhoenix, zNegg
Disrupt Gaming Eleivate, Hitmxn, Johnny, Neod, Stamino
3Kingz Gaming Delusions, KKyzer7, Prophet, rayvn211, MaGics
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How to find Warzone Leatherface house easter egg on Verdansk map

Published: 24/Oct/2020 15:53

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty: Warzone celebrating its first Halloween, there’s some unique changes to the map: here’s everything you need to know to find and enter Leatherface’s house on the Verdansk map.

Warzone’s Halloween celebrations are well underway, with a ton of new content for players to dive into. This includes a number of ghostly easter eggs, one of which takes the shape of a creepy Leatherface shack located on the Verdansk map.

Leatherface is infamous for his role as the antagonist in The Texas Chainsaw film series. First debuting in 1974, the cannibalistic murderer has been reincarnated multiple times. You can even unlock Leatherface content in Modern Warfare and Warzone to strike fear into the heart of your opponents.

Warzone Zombie in Verdansk
Activision / Infinity Ward
Warzone’s Halloween event has given the map a major spooky makeover.

Leatherface’s house location in Warzone

In order to find his house, you need to head to the very east side of the map, towards Krovnik Farmland. Once there, you’ll find a small hut towards the top of the south east areas of huts.

Once you’re nearby it should be pretty easy to locate – there are plenty of signs that it’s the house of a serial killer. A demonic Leatherface figure will greet you at one of the windows, while body parts are littered around the downstairs. Chainsaw noises will also play from upstairs, before two Leatherface figures ambush you on your trip up the stairs.

Leatherface's house circled on Verdansk map
Infinity Ward
The location of Krovnik Farmland on the Verdansk map, then of Leatherface’s house within Farmland.

There’s no in-game reward for visiting the house of Leatherface, but it’s an awesome feature for fans of The Texas Chainsaw series to enjoy nonetheless. It’s fair to assume you could terrify unsuspecting players by waiting among the scattered body parts and incarnations of the mass murderer.

At the time of writing Halloween is still has over a week left, so Infinity Ward could well have some more tricks (or treats) up their sleeves for the Haunting of Verdansk event.