Exclusive: Modern Warfare 2 devs tease incoming map that’s “directly a test” for CoD’s future

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer leads informed us that a new map is on the way in the near future that serves as a secret “test” for something much bigger on the horizon.

In speaking with Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Design Directors Joseph Cecot and Geoff Smith last week, we learned a great deal about what to expect in Modern Warfare 2’s final seasons.

As we gear up for a reported Modern Warfare 3 launch, we still have a fair few months of support for the current game in focus. That means more new maps, some of which are said to be built with competitive play in mind, and some of which are supposedly set to “test” the waters for more ambitious projects down the line.

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During our recent interview, we learned Infinity Ward had working DMZ prototypes before Verdansk was in active development. Naturally, we questioned what else might be in the pipeline already for an eventual release years in the future.

“I mean… just as an example, there’s a map coming in a later season that is directly a test for future things,” Smith teased, cautious not to give too much away.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision
Modern Warfare 2’s post-season content is being used as a testing site for the future of the CoD franchise.

Obviously, this is an extremely vague hint at what’s to come, so there’s not a whole lot we can make of it just yet. But that can’t stop the community from running wild with speculation.

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Perhaps a new multiplayer map is testing new lobby sizes for a future spinoff project. Maybe its location is an early indication of where the franchise is heading next. There’s even a chance new mechanics on this particular map are testing something that could point to a new direction for the FPS juggernaut moving forward.

For now, it’s purely conjecture but we know for certain to keep a close eye on Modern Warfare 2’s last remaining maps.

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Season 4 is set to commence on June 14, so we’re sure to have a little further insight by then. Be sure to check back soon as we’ll keep you updated here with further details as they emerge.

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