Evil Geniuses Choke a Round 11 to Extend Their SnD Loss Streak to 12

The Search and Destroy loss streak for Evil Geniuses has reached 12 after a game 5 round 11 loss to Red Reserve in the CWL Pro League.

An impressive performance in CWL Stage 2 saw EG in second place after the first round of matches, but everything would fall apart at CWL Anaheim. Evil Geniuses failed to win a single Search and Destroy map in Anaheim, going 0-8 in the mode to kick off this slide.

EG had a 0.77 team K/D ratio in Search at CWL Anaheim and not a single player was above 0.8 for the tournament.

The losses continued once Evil Geniuses got back to CWL Stage 2 for the second round of matches. Epsilon, a team who is winless so far in Stage 2 and has only won 30% of their Search maps, beat EG in the second map to push the streak to 9.

Echo Fox then piled on to extend the streak to 10 and Red Reserve took a map to make it 11, but EG fought back in CTF and Hardpoint to set up the crucial Game 5.

Despite having a 4v3 advantage and complete control of the B bomb site on St. Marie, Evil Geniuses dropped the round 11 in heartbreaking fashion when Red stormed in without having to use a single grenade.

The game 5 brought Evil Geniuses’ record to 12 consecutive Search and Destroy losses.

The losses have taken EG from a comfortable second place in the highly competitive Group A down to third, only a half game above a 5th place spot that would see them missing the playoffs.

Evil Geniuses will have a chance to turn things around on June 28th, when they take on the also struggling Splyce in CWL Stage 2. If EG drops another Search map against Splyce, Jack “Courage” Dunlop’s infamous 0-15 streak may be in jeopardy.