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Everything you need to know about Gauntlet Mode in Black Ops 4 Zombies – Every ‘Unsinkable’ challenge and more

Published: 15/Jan/2019 21:00 Updated: 15/Jan/2019 21:26

by Wyatt Donigan


With Treyarch officially kicking off 115 Day with the launch of January 15’s v1.11 update, it’s time to look into everything the new Zombies Gauntlet mode has to offer.

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Gauntlets were first teased on January 8 when Treyarch first detailed what would be coming to Zombies once the latest update dropped.

The round-based challenge mode is currently only available on Voyage of Despair with the ‘Unsinkable’ variant being selectable from the main menu. The second Gauntlet will become available in late January, according to Treyarch.

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The new Gauntlets mode in Zombies can be easily found in the main menu.

There are 30 rounds in total, with each round featuring a different challenge for players to complete. Players will be rewarded with a medal and a calling card every 10 rounds during their first completion.


Failing a challenge, or going down, will give the player a strike and the game will end after three strikers are giving.

You can find a list of every challenge below:

  • Round 1: Survive the Round without taking damage
  • Round 2: Kill Zombies with equipment only
  • Round 3: Use melee only
  • Round 4: Survive the round with at least one perk active
  • Round 5: Use the Essex Model 07 Lever Action Rifle only
  • Round 6: Activate the Sentinel Artifact
  • Round 7: Possess the Shield at the End of the Round
  • Round 8: All Buys are disabled
  • Round 9: Obtain a weapon from the mystery box
  • Round 10: Defend the Cargo Hold while flooded
  • Round 11: Open all doors in the map
  • Round 12: Survive a wave of crawling dead
  • Round 13: Possess a re-packed weapon by the end of the round
  • Round 14: Complete the round with Zero Perks
  • Round 15: Defend the Poop Deck
  • Round 16: Use the Lever Action Rifle only
  • Round 17: Kill Zombies with headshots only
  • Round 18: Avoid all powerups
  • Round 19: Damage to players causes point drain
  • Round 20: Survive a Stoker onslaught in the engine room
  • Round 21: Every player must possess a Level 3 Special Weapon
  • Round 22: Kill Catalysts Zombies using the corresponding reactive alternate ammo type
  • Round 23: Reset to your starting weapon
  • Round 24: Replenish health drain with Zombie Kills
  • Round 25: Defend the Forecastle with no special weapons
  • Round 26: Complete the round before the timer runs out (Solo = two minutes)
  • Round 27: Use only Lever Action Rifle
  • Round 28: No HUD
  • Round 29: Pack-A-Punch Weapons disabled
  • Round 30: Defend the Grand Staircase from a ton of Zombies

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Players will receive a special medal for every 10 levels completed in Gauntlet mode.

It’s also worth noting that although the challenges rotate each round, they overall 30-round pattern remains the same each time.

As such, Gauntlet mode will be a welcomed addition to those wishing to speedrun the mode and try to complete it with the fastest time possible.

There will be many more Gauntlets down the line during 2019, so be sure to follow us @DexertoIntel for everything you need to know about future Gauntlets.