Call of Duty

Everything We Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Teasers, Hints and Leaks

by Calum Patterson


In recent days, developer of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Treyarch, have been teasing small bits of information about the upcoming game ahead of its 'community reveal' event on May 17th.

The teases and hints themselves have been small, but there is enough in them for fans to begin heavy speculation about what kind of game is on the horizon, set to release on October 12th 2018.


As well as Treyarch themselves, there has been a number of leaks from individuals who claim to be in the know, and have even seen the game or know people who have.

The leak claimed some very surprising things about the new game, such as saying that campaign had been entirely scrapped as it would not be ready in time, and that there would be a battle royale mode.


What both of Treyarch's teasers tell us however, is even more significant that boots on the ground or the class system.

In previous years, the Call of Duty promotional cycle would always, without fail, tease the campaign mode, well in advance of the multiplayer or zombies modes.

We would have expected to see campaign showcased at the upcoming community reveal - but judging from these teaser tweets, it looks more likely that multiplayer will be on show.

Pick 10 system

Treyarch's first little teaser was this cryptic tweet, which many believe all but confirms the return of the 'pick 10' system of create-a-class, which Treyarch first created with Black Ops 2.

This image Treyarch tweeted hints at a Pick 10 class system

Pick 10 is the preferred class system with most fans, with CoD: WWII's 'division' system not working out as well as hoped.


Return of Perks and Wildcards

Then Treyarch's second teaser was a much less cryptic tweet, confirming that perks will be making their return to the game. They only show four, but they are fairly easy to identify for most Call of Duty fans.

These perks look like (L-R): Dexterity, Sleight of Hand/Fast Hands, Scavenger, Lightweight/Marathon

Most significantly, both the top left and bottom left perks in this image heavily suggest that this upcoming game will be boots on the ground. There would be no need for ladders if you had advanced movement, and the boot symbol is self-explanatory.

And this certainly gives credence to the leaks which suggested campaign had been scrapped. So, if the leaks were correct about that, we must also wonder if they were correct about battle royale, Overwatch style hero systems and everything else.

The game's slogan is of course "forget what you know" - so maybe this really will be a big change of direction for the series. If so, fans will be even more glad to see familiar features such as pick 10, the perk system and boots on the ground gameplay.