Everything in CoD Mobile Season 6: New maps, weapons, roadmap & more


CoD: Mobile Season 6, The Heat, has got plenty in store for fans of the portable shooter. Here’s what you need to know about the latest season.

Players on the Zombies side of the CoD: Mobile have been enjoying themselves in Aether Hunt and Undead Siege events. If you’ve been feeling left out, then you’re in the right place.

Season 6 of CoD: Mobile is underway, bringing a boatload of content that is sure to keep the gunfights as hot as ever. This is bound to be one of the best seasons yet. 

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So, here’s what you need to know.

New maps & modes

CoD: Mobile has ushered in the current era with a slew of new playlists/modes for players to settle the score in.

Newfound classics such as Cranked: Confirmed and Grind are amongst the events sweeping the scene. Here’s what you can dive into: 

Currently in play: 

  • 08/03 – 08/09 Grind (MP)
  • 08/03 – 08/09 Gun Game Mosh Pit (MP)
  • 08/06 – 08/12 Summer Showdown (MP)
  • 08/06 – 08/12  Stack 24/7 (MP)
  • 08/06 – 08/12 Tank Battle (BR)
  • 08/06 – 08/19  Featured Event – Aether Hunt
  • 08/06 – 08/19 Rottweiler Lucky Draw

Starting soon:

  • 08/10 – 08/16 Rapid Fire (MP)
  • 08/10 – 08/16 Cranked: Confirmed (MP)

Carrying on the tradition of porting over familiar maps, Modern Warfare fans will be pleased to see Gunfight staple Stack appear in CoD: Mobile. Based within a claustrophobic, small military compound , this map will definitely inspire some risky plays and close quarters bloodbaths. 

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Season 6 is packed full of incredible additions.

CoD Mobile second anniversary event

To celebrate the second anniversary of CoD: Mobile, the developers will be giving players the chance to leave their mark within the game.

Based around community creations, this event is an opportunity for players to forge their own unique weapon aesthetics. Players will be able to choose between a limited number of weapon types, whilst also deciding on a popular season theme to determine the look of their creation. 

Each design will be subject to voting status, in which the developers will then take the winner into account. The winning design will be released free of charge during the second anniversary season. 

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Fans can add their spin on popular weapons.

Fresh melee weapons

Fans looking to get up close and personal with their rivals, can do so with the latest melee weapons. Giving players the choice between a trusty Wrench, Katana or Machete, these new additions will sharpen up the competition. The developers added that it should be noted that the Wrench is earned via Richtofen’s Rewards, not Bounty as pictured below. 

To earn the Katana, you’ll need to complete the Sharpened Skills challenge event. This can be done by gaining melee kills, getting backstabber medals or killing enemies via melee with the Dead Silence perk equipped. The Machete will soon be available in an event called Machete Madness. Currently, there are no details when this event will launch, but players can purchase the Machete – Dog Tooth pack within the in-game store. 

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The battle continues to heat up with close quarters combat.

MX9 SMG shakes up the battlefield

In a bid to assert dominance against the furious QXR, the MX9 SMG is the latest functional weapon to be added into CoD: Mobile. Armed with a blistering firing rate and high damage output, this compact wonder can be transformed into a team wiping machine with the right attachments.

We’ll be curious to see what you can do with this fierce addition. The MX9 SMG can be earned through the Battle Pass, as Tier 21 for free. 

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The MX9 is worthy of any loadout.

Packing a heap of content like this is sure to set the CoD: Mobile scene on fire.

We’ll be seeing you on the battlefield.