eUnited's Simp posted mindblowing stats at CWL London, his first ever pro tournament - Dexerto
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eUnited’s Simp posted mindblowing stats at CWL London, his first ever pro tournament

Published: 7/May/2019 1:09 Updated: 7/May/2019 10:55

by Albert Petrosyan


It’s no secret that eUnited’s Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr performed magnificently at the recent CWL London pro Call of Duty tournament, and a closer look at his stats shows just how impressive he really was.

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With CWL London being Simp’s first major tournament as a professional player, many did not know what to expect from the young star coming in.

While pretty much everyone was aware of the immense talent he possesses, translating that to success on the main stage, particularly at an event in the UK, can be an unnerving experience, at least for most. 


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Simp, however, is not like most others, and he proved it by putting up an incredible series of performances over the course of the three-day event.

In fact, many would argue that he was the biggest reason for why eUnited were able to win the heavily-stacked Pool B, and make it all the way to the Grand Final, knocking out rivals OpTic Gaming in the process.

eUnited - TwitterDespite falling to the Losers Bracket early, eUnited managed to finish second place overall, with Simp playing a huge role in their late-tournament success.

Simp’s amazing stats at CWL London

To give some perspective on how well Simp performed in his first ever pro tournament, it’s important to take an in-depth look at some of his stats, courtesy of @Hi_Im_Easy_Mac.


  • His overall kills per death ratio was at 1.351, second best overall in the tournament. and tops among all players who were mainly using the Saug SMG. 
  • His 1.820 K/D in Search and Destroy blew out the entirety of the competition, as it was 0.18 better than the next highest K/D (General – 1.640).
  • He also led all players in Control K/D at 1.417, which again was a whole 0.1 higher than the second place Decemate (1.310)
  • The only category that he did not lead in was Hardpoint K/D, but he still managed to get sixth overall at 1.236

The stats get even more impressive when looking at specifically just Championship Sunday, which is when men are separated from the boys at major tournaments. 

Having to play four total matches on the final day, Simp had the best overall K/D (1.447), best in Hardpoint (1.390), second best in Control (1.456), and third best in S&D (1.682). 

Speaking with Dexerto about his remarkable CWL London experience, Simp revealed that he had always been confident in his ability to perform well on the main stage.

“I’ve been preparing to play in the professional scene for years,” he said. “I knew I had what it takes and this event really showed what I can do.”


Now that he’s a pro, other teams will get many chances to play against him and learn more about his playstyle and tendencies, but the potential of them adapting against him doesn’t faze Simp.

“I think I’ll be able to continue playing at the level I’m currently playing at,” he said. 

Simp’s rise to prominence

Simp first established a name for himself in the competitive CoD community when he proved to be a dominant force in Black Ops 3, both online and at local LAN events. 

He got his first major break when he was one of the first four recruits to eUnited’s Cadet program, along with the likes of FaZe Clan’s Cellium.


Having turned 18 during the Black Ops 4 CWL season and thus earned his eligibility to play in the CWL, Simp was promoted to be eU’s substitute at the CWL Pro League. 

Because he was not yet on the pro team, he was allowed to compete with FaZe Clan Black in the Open Bracket tournament at CWL Fort Worth, where he played a huge role in helping the squad finish in first place.

MLGPrior to joining eUnited’s starting lineup, Simp won the CWL Fort Worth Open Bracket tournament while competing with FC Black.

Following the tournament, he was permanently moved into the starting lineup in place of JKap, who has since moved on Evil Geniuses.

His first involvement with the team was at the Pro League, where he quickly showed off his immense skills and helped eU go 3-1 and tie 100 Thieves for the best record (8-3) in Division B.


Having now proven himself at both the Pro League and a major tournament, it’s probably safe to assume that Simp will be around the pro CoD scene for many years to come.