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Call of Duty • Nov 19, 2018

EU CWL 2K reaches semi-final stage, Tainted Minds vs Mindfreak rivalry continues in APAC 2K

EU CWL 2K reaches semi-final stage, Tainted Minds vs Mindfreak rivalry continues in APAC 2K

APAC Call of Duty powerhouses Tainted Minds won their second CWL 2K win of the Black Ops 4 season with victory on Sunday, November 18, while the European version of the competition has been whittled down to the final four teams.


Team Sween, who won the first EU 2K of the season have secured their place in the semi-finals by defeating Devious Gaming in their quarter-final match-up, and will now face Team Reciprocity, who have Adam ‘Peatie’ Peate and Shane ‘ShAnE’ McKerral filling in for Zach ‘Zed’ Denyer and Sean ‘Seany’ O’Connor.

In the other semi-final, Team Heretics, who won the November 11-12 EU 2k take on Team Stanley, lead by Gurdip ‘SunnyB’ Bains and Adam ‘Defrag’ Matthews. The semi-finals of the competition are set to begin at 8PM GMT (12PM PST, 3PM EST, 7AM AEDT).

Team Avs.Team B
Team Sweenvs.Reciprocity
Team Stanleyvs.Team Heretics


In the APAC region, Tainted Minds and Mindfreak battled it out for the third consecutive week in the grand finals of the CWL 2K.

Tainted Minds took home the first 2K of the season, but the new Mindfreak lineup came roaring back in the second, claiming victory over their rivals.

Mindfreak brushed aside Jake ‘Fate’ Fitzpatrick and his Vegas Chokers squad, proceeding to the grand finals without dropping a single map, while Tainted Minds swept past Team ARRRM, which included former Synergy player Ryan ‘Killerpie’ Wallath.

BuZZO has been part of Mindfreak since 2014.


Mitchell ‘BuZZO’ Mader and his new look Mindfreak squad headed into the final hoping to win back-to-back CWL 2Ks, but eventually lost an agonizingly close Search and Destroy to fall to Tainted Minds 3-2.

In North America, many of the continent’s top teams chose to take part in the CMG Prodown tournament, where OpTic Gaming have already earned their spot in the tournament’s grand final.

APAC CWL 2K - November 18 2018 - Final Placements

1Tainted MindsNimble, Damage, Swifty, Swiftazor, Setzyy2000 + $500
2MindfreakBuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Louqa, Excite1200
3-4Vegas ChokersAsatiix, Fate, Liaym, Sizzle, ZeroMyGoodness800
3-4ARRRMImmense, Killerpie, Eminence, Zepa, Zeuss800
5-8Nath gets carriedRiiCharDs, Spjce, iWiishes, Flqwed, Agonzy600
5-8Team ObsidiumTyson, Bacabec, Cruze, Dean, Lakie600
5-8Fury AUManOfChicken, Lexxen, Trent, DanielK, ManySe600
5-8inshaneCones, FierceJZ, Jazhn, Prqui, Traumatjsed600
9-16Venom AUBlakey, Crivzor, paceyz, Reaperr, TeB4EM400
9-16Senix eSportsDwyLoW, Hyparz, ItsCurryKid, Kovacz, Pastilz400
OverdoseBaturi, Crazje, Lucks, Rusabation, Suttoh400
9-16The Late MailBossofNuffingg, ErwinRommel, kenaan, Mentx, Skipahhh400
9-16Vintage GamingAzzi, Kystosys, Fati, Spaydz, Yoshi400
9-16Threat Gamingcregan, Jarzy, PerkyPerksm Vstan, YeahTheCox400
9-16Sleeper GamingDoosva, Entjce, Flanners, Middoh, Mifzor400
9-16BOIIISSSBeastn, Chilean, JayTex, Pred, Restalling400
17-32Rush GamingGreedZz, WinRed, GP, Luke, Hunt200
17-32Integral NationGaLvZ, inaki, Jericho, Kush, Aveen200
33-64RamPaGe GamingRanGer, Sean, Derp, izxmn, RainyZ0
33-64Avarice GamingAnKrazyRavers, Bloo, Greys, Skywhite, Nazmi

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