Call of Duty

eU Clayster and his brother look similar, except for one large difference

by Mitch Reames


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks recently tweeted out a picture with his family and people thought for a second eUnited’s star AR specialist was actually incredibly tall.


It turns out that no, Clayster is just 5’10” (1.78m), but his brother, who looks an awful lot like the eU star, stands at 6’7” (2m).

What followed were a bunch of funny responses from around the professional CoD community.


“That guy on the left looks more like Clay than Clay” said Splyce’s Jurd which was quoted by Jonathan Tucker.

Jeff Kuney went with Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys to show his reaction.


Sometimes genes just aren’t fair and one brother gets all the height from the parents. That seems to be the case for Clay because he’s the shortest guy in his family by at least a couple inches.

At least he has done well with his natural talents so far.


Still, it can be tough when a brother outgrows you, and even tougher when attractive Twitch streamers call your brother your “final form.”

The comments weren’t all about his tall brother, many people were also focused on something else: the whole families’ very strong eyebrows.