Envoy & Octane explain why rumored OpTic Dallas roster could fail

LA Thieves Octane and Envoy, Shotzzy and ScumpCall of Duty League/LA Thieves

LA Thieves have confirmed their Call of Duty League roster for 2022, and while discussing their opposition for the season, said that it could be a rough time for the rumored OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire merger team.

Just a few weeks before Vanguard officially launches, there are still several CDL rosters not yet announced.

Nadeshot’s LA Thieves, though, got in early and announced their star-studded roster not long after the 2021 season ended with the additions of Envoy and Octane.

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The new squad got together to discuss the different teams for the upcoming season, both confirmed and rumored, and had some choice things to say about certain teams.

envoy la thievesLA Thieves
Envoy is the newest addition to LA Thieves, and had some thoughts on his old OpTic squad.

One of the most talked-about storylines going into the 2022 season continues to be the reported OpTic Chicago and Dallas Empire merger, with the teams combining and also bringing together two of each of their squads. The rumored roster is Scump, Dashy, Shotzzy, and iLLeY.

While there are mixed opinions on this potential team within the CoD community, the LA Thieves players let their thoughts be known.

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“On paper, they’re one of the most talented rosters, but I still think after being there for two years, some of the problems that we had as a team is going to fall onto them again,” former OpTic star Envoy explained.

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This is something that Octane reiterated, expressing concern that there’s “no overarching leader” within the rumored squad. “I don’t see these four players and immediately think ‘this guy’s going to take the reins’,” he said, before suggesting that it’ll likely fall on Scump’s shoulders.

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This thought does echo much of the community sentiment towards this possible team, too, and we may well see the squad relying on Scump to be the veteran leader that the likes of Crimsix and Clayster have proven to be in recent years.

That said, as the LA Thieves crew point out, the skill ceiling is very high for this OpTic Dallas team if it comes to fruition — they just need to get the results.

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