Envoy explains why he thinks Chicago Huntsmen can beat Atlanta FaZe

Jacob Hale
Call of Duty League

Chicago Huntsmen’s young star Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannan has explained why he believes the struggling team can beat the Call of Duty League’s current leaders, Atlanta FaZe.

Chicago Huntsmen got a win at the London Home Series in February, but since then have failed to repeat the feat, including three consecutive fourth-place finishes, while FaZe have consistently been at least top two, including two Home Series wins out of a possible five so far.

Despite that, Envoy thinks his Chicago side have a good shot against Atlanta, and has explained how and why he thinks they could beat the side that has thus far eluded them.

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Call of Duty League
Envoy has arguably been Chicago’s strongest player so far in the CDL.

In an appearance on Call of Duty League original show ‘The Barracks’, host Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow explained that he believes Atlanta are the biggest threat to take the overall CDL trophy at the end of the season.

Envoy, though, thinks his team has a decent chance against the league leaders, despite the fact that they are yet to face off. According to the young star, Chicago’s style of play matches most similarly with Minnesota ROKKR, who have beaten FaZe twice so far this season – and that’s why he believes his team can get the better of the reigning champions.

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The main issue, he says, is Chicago’s teamwork. Minnesota have been widely credited as one of the most cohesive team units in the league, and he says that while they “need to do a better job of replicating Minnesota’s teamwork,” they play at a very similar pace to ROKKR and that seems to counter FaZe well.

(Timestamp 30:36 for mobile viewers)

His final point is that if they match the “consistency of FaZe” and “the teamwork of Minnesota,” a meeting between Chicago and Atlanta would be “a good match to watch.”

It’s hard to disagree that the matchup could be exciting, but given Huntsmen’s recent struggles, which have been explained in detail by Hunstmen players themselves, the two might be slightly mismatched at this point in the season.