Enable: Why “blockbuster” Octane transfer could solve Seattle Surge’s CDL woes

Enable suggests Seattle Surge trade Octane in the CDLActivision/Call of Duty League

During the Reverse Sweep CDL Preview Show, 100 Thieves’ Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt has explained why Seattle Surge should consider trading star player Sam ‘Octane’ Larew to another CDL team.

For the last few years, Octane has been one of, if not the, best main ARs in Call of Duty. His stints with Luminosity Gaming and 100 Thieves cemented his status, while his first year under Seattle in the Call of Duty League saw him put up insane stats.

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The main issue with Seattle was that they simply weren’t winning, no matter what kind of crazy antics Octane was getting up to on the map.

That issue has leaked into the current season too, with Seattle struggling throughout Stage 1 despite a roster of bonafide stars and winners.

Octane struggling with Seattle SurgeActivision
Octane and the Surge are having a season almost as dire as last so far.

So, it’s clear that the Surge needs to do something to start getting some notches in the wins column and move up the standings. and Enable has suggested they do the unfathomable, by trading Octane away to another team.

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While discussing Seattle and London, the two teams lowest in the standings and Dexerto’s power rankings, Enable made his spicy take.

After saying that Seattle is probably edging close to the salary cap, Enable suggests the move because “nobody else is probably going to want Loony, Prestinni or maybe even Gunless.”

He continued: “Sam will be a hot commodity compared to the others. I would try and trade him out for another good player, it frees up salary cap. Besides that, what do you do? Who’s taking Prestinni or Loony right now?”

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Saying that it would be a “blockbuster move,” co-hosts Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker and Katie Bedford agree that Seattle could get even a couple of good players for Octane. “You could get a real package,” Pacman said. “You could ask for really competitive players because Sam’s going to help whatever team he goes to.”

Needless to say, the idea of Seattle shipping off their best player probably hasn’t entered most people’s minds. However, the argument definitely makes sense, and could breathe some new life into a Surge roster packed with opinionated leaders and talented players.

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Seattle Surge will definitely want to see improvements in Stage 2, but how they reach that point is impossible to know as of yet.