Enable reveals the reasons he was benched by Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge

Seattle Surge Call of Duty star Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt has explained why he was benched by the CoD League team – and why it was the “wake up call” he needed.

After just two weekends of League play, Seattle became the second team – after Toronto Ultra – to make changes to their starting line-up, with Enable revealing that he would be getting benched for the foreseeable future.

While this may come as somewhat of a surprise, considering the success he saw last year and his steady performances in Modern Warfare, Enable has explained the rationale behind the decision.

Enable has seen a lot of success in his esports career – and won’t be taking his benching lightly.

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“This was kind of a wake-up call, to be honest,” he explained in a February 16 stream. “Even though it sucks, and not competing is going to kill me inside, I did get off-track for a little bit and I wasn’t putting in the time I needed to be.”

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Though Enable himself hasn’t been performing badly, Seattle is clearly showing signs of struggling and will need to improve if they want to compete at the top of the standings – and maybe this lack of time put in could be one of the reasons behind that.

Enable went on, saying: “It lit a fire under me. I’m just going to grind and see what happens. This is definitely not the end of me playing for this year – at least, I hope so.”

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Enable then confirmed that, despite how early it is in the season, he’s “already had a couple of teams reach out” to him, but that he won’t be making a decision until after the Los Angeles home series on March 7-8.

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This would give him little under a month to figure out what his future is, whether it’s on the Seattle Surge bench, starting roster, or on another team completely.

He went on to clarify that he has a “no-trade clause” in his contract, meaning that if Seattle wanted to trade him to an opposing team, he would have to agree to it. But, if he finds a team he wants to go to, they’ve agreed to work with him to make it happen.

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In the meantime, it appears Casey ‘Pandur’ Romano will be taking Enable’s spot on the starting line-up. His first LAN appearance for the Seattle roster would be the LA homestand, after which Enable will be making his final decision.

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It was suggested in Enable’s stream that there isn’t a trade period, and he thinks trades can be made throughout the entire season, so we may be getting our first high-profile roster move of the Call of Duty League in the very near future.