Enable & Pacman: OpTic facing biggest test yet | CDL Reverse Sweep Preview

Brad Norton
Dexerto Reverse Sweep Preview Show

The 2021 Call of Duty League Season is through to Week 3 with the Dallas Home Series. Before we get there, join our Reverse Sweep crew of ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker & Katie Bedford to preview all the biggest matchups.

With the Stage 3 Major fast approaching, there’s only one event left for teams to improve their spot going in. The Dallas Home Series is right around the corner and our Reverse Sweep team is here to break it all down.

From the biggest matches to the players you need to keep an eye on, here are the biggest talking points heading into the next week of CDL action.

OpTic looking to break out of a slump

The past week wasn’t all too kind to OpTic. Suffering a 1-3 loss against the LA Thieves, they now find themselves battling for a better spot in Group B. A rough showing could be lead to a lower bracket start in the Major and they just so happen to be up against two of their toughest opponents.

First on the agenda is NYSL but close behind is FaZe, a match Pacman “definitely expects” OpTic to lose. Enable backed him up, arguing “FaZe is just a little too much for Chicago.”

Both games will be extremely important as Stage 3 comes to a close. If OpTic doesn’t perform, it could be their downfall, according to the Reverse Sweep crew.

Stage 3 Major Losers Bracket predictions

On the back of their predictions for OpTic, both Enable and Pacman believe they could end up in the lower bracket at the Major. “Even if they go 1-1 [this week], I don’t know if that will guarantee them the winner’s bracket,” Enable said.

“Realistically, OpTic has the most chance to go 0-2 this week compared to other teams,” he added.”

Meanwhile, Pacman also threw Seattle and London into the mix as two teams all but destined for the lower bracket start.

Seattle’s Stage 3 roster shuffle

Just days out from the Dallas Home Series, Seattle announced that Loony would be moving to the bench. In his place, Decemate is returning to a starting CDL lineup. Despite the shakeup, Enable and Pacman don’t see it working out for the Surge.

“Decemate’s been in the League before, I’m not expecting much from this change,” Pacman said. “He’s not a better player than Loony.”

Continuing the argument, Enable outlined how Seattle’s problems can’t be boiled down to a single play. “It’s hard to say that he’s going to make them any better. Seattle has bigger issues.”

Players & teams to watch during the Dallas Home Series

With 10 games scheduled for the week, there’s plenty to keep on top of. As for the most important rosters though, OpTic and the Subliners stand out for Enable and Pacman respectively.

“This is a make or break week for [OpTic],” Enable said. “If things go south, they could start in the losers bracket and have a very hard time in the Major. They’re either going to excel or end up having to make a team change.”

For NYSL, this week is equally important heading into the Major, according to Pacman. If they can secure back-to-back wins, they’ll have confidence “going into the Major knowing they could win it.” On the flip side, a 0-2 week could have New York “doubting themselves.”

Bold predictions for the Dallas Home Series

Closing things out with some bold predictions for the week, Pacman is confident NYSL will come through unscathed. “NYSL’s gonna go 2-0 this week,” he said. “Beat OpTic and Thieves, then they’re gonna go on to at least Winner’s Finals in the Major.

Meanwhile, Enable had to go with his boys in the LA Thieves. Not only can he see them “getting first in [Group B],” but he predicts a finals appearance in the Stage 3 Major as well. Be sure to keep on top of everything at the Dallas Home Series event with our dedicated hub..

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