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Enable & Pacman: LA Thieves are CDL’s biggest threat | Reverse Sweep Review

Published: 5/May/2021 4:44 Updated: 5/May/2021 4:43

by Brad Norton


The Call of Duty League’s Paris Home Series came to a close earlier in the week and our Reverse Sweep team is back to reflect on all the biggest developments. Hear from Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, and Katie Bedford as they go through all the latest news.

Now midway through Stage 3, the 2021 Call of Duty League season is continuing to heat up as teams edge closer to the next Major.

To break down all of the latest, join our Reverse Sweep crew as they dive into the biggest storylines emerging from the Paris Home Series.

Kenny lifting LA Thieves to the top of Group B

With a 3-1 win over OpTic and a nail-biting five-map affair with FaZe, the LA Thieves have started to find a new form. Now sitting atop Group B, Enable and Pacman place Kenny at the center of their recent success.


“That boy Kenny is different,” Pacman joked. “He’s one of the best players in the game.”

Having swapped from his trusty SMG to the role of a Main AR, he’s proven to be “one of the most versatile players,” according to Enable.

If they’re able to keep building around the former MVP, a Major win could be well within reach.

Has OpTic become a mid-tier team in 2021?

Despite coming out hot to start the year, OpTic has consistently fallen to the middle of the pack this season. From Pacman’s perspective, “they’re starting to look like a team that doesn’t have that next gear.”


While they only had one match this week, they were rolled over by the Thieves in a 1-3 loss. Whenever they’re up against elite contenders, their true potential becomes apparent, according to Pacman. “It doesn’t feel like they’re ever going to hit that point where they’re the best team in the game.”

Enable points towards a consistent issue that’s plagued OpTic over the years. “Their number one problem has been an issue historically for OpTic,” he said. The Green Wall often starts strong and slows down as the year progresses. While “they’re a team that should be contending for championships,” a lack of “discipline” could hold them down for the rest of 2021.


FaZe losing their dominant touch?

Despite closing out two wins in the Paris Home Series, both of Atlanta’s matchups went the distance. They’re still a “top two team in the game,” Enable said, “but every other team is starting to improve.”

With the gap closing, Pacman “wouldn’t be surprised” to see FaZe falling short in the next Major. There’s no justifying any roster shuffles yet, they’re still racking up wins after all, but it’s proving to be a challenge for them to remain “dominant.”

With the latest patch, there’s even a chance recent close calls boil down to subtle changes in the meta. We’ll have to wait to see if FaZe can find its dominant form in the weeks to come.


Royal Raven’s improvements may not be enough.

London had one of its best weeks of the year after securing a win over New York and taking FaZe to a map five. With Zaptius settling into the lineup, things have been trending upwards for the Royal Ravens. However, their recent showings still might not be enough to push them up the ranks.

“I still don’t feel like they’re going to get into position for the Top 8 race,” Pacman said. Their “ceiling is still not high,” Enable added. “They’re not about to turn it around and be a top team. I just don’t think they’ve got enough to put them over the top.”


They face off against Seattle next which could be a telling series. Even if it’s a blowout, Royal Ravens need some bigger wins to impress the Reverse Sweep crew.

MVPs of the Paris Home Series

When it comes to the most impactful players at the Paris Home Series, Pacman couldn’t praise anyone else but “that boy Kenny.” After dominating with his AR, the LA Thieves Sith Lord has “earned that respect. Everyone knows he’s now a top-three player in the game.”

Meanwhile, for Enable’s money, the MVP has to go to Arcitys. With FaZe playing some lengthy matches during the event, Arcitys showed up with some “great” performances. “I think he’s going to be huge moving forward,” Enable said.

Best moments of the Paris Home Series

Once again, Kenny was in the conversation right away when it came to the hottest moments of the week. His streak on Raid Control against OpTic stood out as Enable’s highlight. He “got a four-piece and just took over.”

While the play itself was a sight to behold, there’s more to it than just a clip for the reel. That moment showed “how Kenny can take over with the Main AR,” he added. “Kenny can literally do it all.”

For Pacman, it was Toronto who impressed with the biggest moment of the event. Despite going down drastically against ROKKR in Control, Ultra managed to turn things around. “They should have lost that map,” he said. But they “keep finding a way to clutch up.”

Least Valuable Players of the Paris Home Series

Closing out this week’s show, the Reverse Sweep cast put forward their picks for the least impressive players. Havok took that nomination from Enable as the Mutineers starter appears to be “wasting his opportunity.” While he “has a lot of potential, he’s just not putting it together.”

Katie jumped in for the “fifth week in a row” to slam the “frustrating” Seattle roster once again. “I am sick and tired of watching Seattle choke,” she said.

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