Enable & Pacman explain why dropping Loony won’t solve Seattle Surge’s CDL issues

Enable and Pacman on Seattle Surge dropping Loony in CDLActivision/YouTube: Dexerto Call of Duty

The rumor mill is running fast at the moment, with many speculating that Seattle Surge could be looking at dropping Daniel ‘Loony’ Loza. On Reverse Sweep, hosts Katie Bedford, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker say dropping him wouldn’t solve Seattle’s issues.

Seattle Surge are a team that have consistently underperformed since the start of the Call of Duty League in 2020. A team full of top names, they should undoubtedly be competing for championships, but instead they often look miles away from it.

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For two seasons in a row now, many fans attribute this to one key issue, being Seattle’s SMG players. Currently, they have Loony and Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson as SMGs, and many are saying they need to shift out Loony for a more slay-heavy player to help them find success.

With Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland now available after being dropped by Dallas Empire, this could look the perfect spot for him — but Enable and Pacman don’t think dropping Loony fixes the problems Seattle have.

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Seattle Surge Loony CDLActivision
Many CDL fans think Loony should be on the chopping block for Seattle Surge.

While discussing their Least Valuable Players from the London Home Series, Seattle’s never-ending woes naturally came up on Reverse Sweep.

“At least recently, they come out and have these maps against damn near any team in the league, in the bag,” Enable said. “Then they somehow just decide to hand it over. I don’t know if I could pinpoint anything.”

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“The easiest thing that people say is to drop Loony,” adds Pacman. “But do I feel like that would actually fix it? I don’t. It’s something wrong with the core of the team. No one is actually playing bad, you’re not going to pick up someone who’s just going to flip the team around. The team just can’t close.”

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Pac definitely raises an interesting point. While many think that Seattle’s issues can be solved by bringing in a cracked-out slayer that can hop in the hill and kill everything in sight, the Surge’s issues do seem to run somewhat deeper than that.

They’re regularly in winning positions and somehow manage to lose, and whether picking up a Huke or someone similar fixes that isn’t exactly clear. That said, with Champs so close, is it worth the risk anyway?

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