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Enable explains why OpTic need to follow Envoy’s lead in CDL

Published: 14/May/2021 17:07

by Jacob Hale


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OpTic Chicago have severely struggled throughout Stage 3 of the Call of Duty League 2021 season, and Reverse Sweep host Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt believes the majority of the team needs to start pulling their weight to have a good run in the Major.

Chicago’s struggles are clear for everyone to see. As the most popular team in the league, with some of the highest expectations, every minor loss is viewed through a telescopic lens.

Now, they go into the Stage 3 Major in the Loser’s bracket, considered a mid-table team and dropping down the power rankings at an alarming rate.

During the Reverse Sweep preview show, OpTic was a hot topic, and Enable believes it simply boils down to just one player really pulling their weight.


Envoy Chicago CDL
Envoy and the Huntsmen need to step up, especially in the respawn modes where they’ve dropped off.

Throughout Stage 3, Enable believes Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon was the only player really putting the work in to try and get the win, agreeing with Pacman that he is Chicago’s best player.

“Envoy is the only one on the team that really takes the time and the effort to make those boring plays, in the grand scheme of things” Enable explained. “He’s taking that long route, he’s trying to go for that spawn, he’s pinching to break the hill.”

He continued: “You’re never going to have success going up against other top teams when you’ve only got one guy doing it. When NYSL, Toronto, FaZe have more than one person doing it, it’s going to be hard.”


The comparison to other top teams is important. All the teams Enable mentioned have incredibly strong SMG duos, something OpTic can’t exactly boast right now, and fill in gaps that their teammates leave.

If only Envoy is making those plays, OpTic simply have no hope going forward. They’ll all need to get on the same page if they want to start winning again, but that could be easier said than done when looking at the competition.