Enable claims Subliners must drop Crimsix or Clayster: “The team won’t improve”

Clay Crim need to be droppedCDL / NYSL

On Dexerto’s Reverse Sweep, Call of Duty legend Enable suggested that the Subliners still need to drop either Crimsix or Clayster from their roster to improve the team’s CDL success. 

After the opening weekend of the 2022 Call of Duty League season, the New York Subliners became the first team of the year to make a roster move.

They benched Travis ‘Neptune’ McCloud for Matthew ‘Royalty’ Faithfull, but are still one of two teams that haven’t found a home in the win column.

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Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt believes that the team still needs to make another move to find success, but it requires moving on from one of their three-time World Champions: Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter or James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks.

Enable wants Subliners to make another roster move

In an appearance on Reverse Sweep, Dexerto’s flagship CDL series, Enable said he had a hot take regarding NYSL’s roster move. He claimed that, with Royalty, they “will not improve.” Instead, “I just don’t think you can have Crim and Clay on the same team in 4v4… I think that’s where the real issue stems.”

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While this duo has teamed up before in 4v4 title Black Ops 2 and won seven championships under Complexity, Enable thinks that they now have similar play styles. He said that it worked in 5v5 because the fifth player made up for their pace.

Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price gave his two cents on the duo’s dynamic. Aches, who played on coL with Crim and Clay doesn’t think the problem is with those two. He puts the blame of the roster disaster on NYSL management.

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“This change for me was a one-for-one lateral move, it changes nothing within this team’s dynamic… This is a NYSL top-level failure, this roster to me just is not going to work.”

While the panelists don’t feel that Royalty is a bad player, they think that the swap doesn’t make the squad any better than before and would require a second move to see drastic improvement.

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