Drama ensues after CoD Mobile pro team gets disqualified from $20K tourney for “shooting bodies”

Theo Salaun
cod mobile team disqualified shooting bodies

During a $20,000 CoD Mobile tournament, pro team Tragik was instantly disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct after shooting bodies — leading to a ton of drama and backlash from the Call of Duty community.

Teabagging and shooting bodies are classic examples of BM (bad manners) in Call of Duty, but the Throwback Throwdown CoD Mobile tournament tried to put an end to that. During a semifinals matchup with the chance at $20K on the line, Tragik was disqualified for shooting bodies.

Apparently, Tragik’s Jim shot a body after winning a 1v3 to keep his team’s tournament hopes alive. But, while the squad won the round, the stream immediately cut to casters awarding their opponents the win due to “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

In response to the decision, social media has lit ablaze with CoD and esports fans discussing the punishment. Most prominently, Tragik’s camp is questioning the admins with complaints that there had been no warnings to their team, despite other teams receiving them for similar behavior.

As one of the tournament’s casters explained, “we had a little unsportsmanlike conduct going down on the side of Tragik and so, huge tragedy, they had to forfeit that round they won — which, now, they don’t have an opportunity to come back.”

The reactions across social media have most certainly been spicy, particularly from Tragik’s side. Most notably, the team’s manager, Pearl, has laid out various reasons that the ruling was unfair and also included evidence of other teams receiving warnings for the same actions.

Pearl explained that the rules for the tournament didn’t clearly specify shooting bodies as unsportsmanlike and, more importantly, the admin didn’t give any warnings.

With a clip of a Nova Esports player shooting a body, Pearl pointed out that the player received a warning and wasn’t instantly disqualified. This is shown in stark contrast to Tragik, who were forced to immediately forfeit.

Elaborating further, the manager noted that there was “no discussion possible” and that the organizers’ actions went “against my and a lot of people’s principles.” Various Twitter replies have echoed the sentiment, as players and fans alike complain that Tragik were robbed.



As of yet, there has been no public response from the tournament administrators regarding this decision.