Dr Disrespect & ZLaner want Warzone 2 to learn from Apex Legends’ “high skill gap”

Warzone 2 sniper next to Dr DisrespectActivision / YT: Dr Disrespect

Streaming giants Dr Disrespect and ZLaner have called on Warzone 2 to emulate Apex Legends’ “high skill gap”, claiming it’s holding the CoD battle royale back at the moment. 

The battle royale market has grown exponentially off the back of Fortnite’s lucrative success, becoming one of the more saturated areas of gaming. 

Call of Duty’s Warzone 2 is another example of that but, as it approaches its second season of post-launch content, there are suggestions that it may be losing ground in the race to be the most popular. 

Reports have emerged that its player count has fallen far faster than Activision expected. 

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Now, Dr Disrespect and ZLaner, two of Warzone’s biggest streamers, have outlined what they think it needs to learn from rival BR Apex Legends. 

Warzone 2 needs to learn from Apex Legends’ “high skill gap”

In a recent YouTube livestream, both creators made the case for Warzone 2 learning from and trying to replicate Apex Legends’ skill gap. 

ZLaner kicked off the discussion after admitting he misses the first Warzone: “I would consider that [Apex Legends] to be a BR with a high skill gap. That would probably be at the top of the list as far as skill gap goes.” 

A skill gap refers to the difference between good players and bad players. In Warzone 2, a game that has been criticized for its heavy use of SBMM, there are considered to be fewer ways for good players to properly dominate weaker ones. 

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Dr Disrespect agreed: “Yeah. Like hitting a sniper from 400 meters away. Ooh.” 

Timestamp: 23:15

ZLaner continued: “This game [Warzone 2], they took a lot of skill gap away by removing what was already a small skill gap. YYing… slide canceling, learning how to have really good movement. That’s another one.” 

Warzone 2 devs have already unveiled a host of changes that are more akin to the first BR, including a long-awaited return to 1v1 Gulag matches.

However, it still has a long way to go before the Doc considers it a game that’s not aimed at “brainless” gamers.