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Dr Disrespect wants Treyarch to take over Warzone after slamming current devs

Published: 19/Apr/2021 14:19

by Connor Bennett


Streaming star Dr Disrespect believes that Raven Software should either hand over control of Warzone to Treyarch or find some new devs to help move the battle royale forward. 

It’s been a little over a year since Warzone first launched as a part of Modern Warfare, and it’s gone from a battle royale add-on to perhaps the biggest game in the world. 

Like every other major game, it’s had its share of highs and lows, and as we approach Season 3 of the Black Ops Cold War era, players have become frustrated with the meta, overpowered weapons, and other general issues. 


Some players have called upon Raven Software, who handle Warzone, to make sweeping changes on a regular basis. And while they’ve already confirmed a laundry list of fixes for Season 3, Dr Disrespect wants them to hand over development to somebody else soon.

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YouTube / Dr Disrespect
The Doc never pulls his punches when complaining about something.

The Doc was speaking on his April 16 stream where he teamed up with ZLaner and CourageJD to try out the new Sykov pistol. Like many, the Two-Time quickly realized that they were busted and needed a change. 

He suggested a change to player health to combat OP weapons, but eventually, he got on to a bigger change. “This game is really bad. I’ll step out and say it,” he said after dying and started listed off complaints about the audio and new zombies. “I don’t know who is running Warzone over at Activision but I think they’ve got to get a new crew on it,” Doc added. 


The YouTube streamer pointed the finger further at Raven later in the stream and said he hoped they were just handling the game between Modern Warfare and Cold War. 

“They’ve always been a support studio within Activision, but I think they’re just supporting this transition between Warzone and what the Cold War version is going to be,” the Doc added. 

“I’m hoping that once we get on the Cold War version, we get Raven the hell off of this game. Please, get off it, and let’s let Treyarch manage it for the next year.”

There’s no telling if what Doc wants to happen will ever happen. Warzone appears to be a long-term staple of CoD, and having one studio run it makes more sense than it changing hands every year. Maybe Raven will be replaced, but who knows.