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Dr Disrespect wants major change to revive system in Warzone

Published: 28/Mar/2020 19:32

by Michael Gwilliam


Legendary Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect revealed some changes that he’d like to see made to the self-revive system in Call of Duty: Warzone during a March 27 broadcast.

While the two-time has been both critical and supportive of the latest battle royale experience, he believes that the revive mechanic, in particular, needs improvement.

When asked if he believes there is skill-based matchmaking in Warzone, Doc admitted that he was unsure, because of “what people can get away with in the game.”

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“The RPGs, the vehicle combat, the thermal scopes across the map, people being revived – that whole self-revival thing, that’s a whole other thing. I think self-revive is a big issue,” he said. “It screws up fights, man.”


According to the Doc, he believes that downed enemies should be only one shot away from death in close-quarters. That said, he had no issue with it being used when someone gets shot from the other side of the map.

“If you down someone real quick it should only take one or two bullets to put this guy out,” he added. “Not a full clip. And then have his teammate come around the corner while you’re putting a full clip on the downed guy because you know he has self-revive and if you don’t do anything about it, he’s just going to get right back up.”


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For the two-time, he found some of the close-range fights don’t make sense because of the revive feature. “It’s just so stupid,” he continued. “So stupid!”

That said, he does have a bit of a solution when it comes to self-revives. The game provides an audio indication when someone is revived by teammate or self-revived. He wants an audio cue during the whole revive process.

Without warning, the two-time proceeded to do an impression of being brought back to life by sticking a revive kit in his chest.

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After groaning and doing some Oscar-worthy acting, he elaborated on his idea, and explained that it would be a major help if players knew an enemy was self-reviving around the corner.


The concept is simple enoug,h and wouldn’t be a major hurdle for Infinity Ward to implement. Hopefully, they take Doc’s advice seriously and consider adding the revive audio to the game in a future update.