Dr Disrespect urges Warzone devs to “wake up” before it becomes next H1Z1

Dr Disrespect on Warzone Caldera mapDr Disrespect/Activision

Dr Disrespect has compared Warzone to H1Z1 when the original battle royale phenomenon fell off a cliff, and has urged the Call of Duty devs to “wake up” and address the game’s issues. 

With Call of Duty: Warzone being given a new map amid the integration with Call of Duty: Vanguard, expectations were pretty high for fans of the battle royale. However, things have gone a little south.

Many players have taken aim at Raven Software and Activision over the current state of the battle royale – with many frustrated with the map, lack of updates, and the addition of things like the Krampus enemy. 

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A number of big streamers have, once again, turned their back on the CoD battle royale and started playing different things in its place. That includes Dr Disrespect, who has played every battle royale under the sun.

Twitch: DrDisrespect
The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

The YouTube streaming star isn’t one to hold back when there’s something that he doesn’t like in a game, and has routinely criticized the Warzone developers.

The Two-Time was left frustrated with a number of ‘dev error’ issues causing his game to crash and then not even open when he tried to restart it. He wanted to fire off a strongly-worded tweet, and while he held back on that, he did air some grievances on stream.

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“Reminds me a lot of H1Z1 when it finally said, you know what, see ya,” the Doc noted before recording a message aimed at the devs. “That’s a dev error, second time my f**king game has crashed today. I also can’t launch my game from the launcher. Also, we’ve got this s**t character Krampus inside of the game that has been there for weeks and nobody wants it. Wake the f**k up!”

Timestamp of 6:26:53

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Calling on the devs to make drastic changes is something that the Doc is well versed in, and he even predicted that Caldera wouldn’t solve all the headaches that fans had.

It remains to be seen if his new calls will be heard, or if he’ll rekindle his love affair with something like Apex Legends or Escape from Tarkov instead.

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