Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman, Nadeshot, more spark heated debate over “most fun” Call of Duty

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Dr Disrespect/TimTheTatman/Nadeshot/Activision

Dr Disrespect revealed his choice for the “most fun” Call of Duty of all time, sparking a massive debate among content creators like TimTheTatman, Nadeshot, and others over what their pick is.

Every hardcore Call of Duty fan probably has a strong opinion over which CoD takes the crown for best ever.

With over a dozen entries in the series of games, it’s hard to choose exactly which is the best, but it seems like CoD fans will live and die by their favorite.

When Dr Disrespect announced his favorite, the internet was set aflame with discussion as some heavy hitters from around the internet joined in.

Dr Disrespect has over 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect ignites Call of Duty argument

Doc tweeted on March 20 that the original Black Ops is the “most fun” Call of Duty of all time.

His declaration instantly went viral, with nearly every major CoD content creator commenting in the thread below.

100 Thieves’ co-owner and  former CoD pro Nadeshot instantly tossed in his two cents and said, “Black Ops 2 competitive, MW3 pubs.”

But it doesn’t stop there. Star YouTube streamer TimTheTatman joined the discussion saying Modern Warfare 2 is the best.

Even Asmongold, who’s not exactly known for his love of the Call of Duty franchise, hopped into the conversation to say that Modern Warfare 3, as well as the first three months of Warzone, were the most fun.

The replies go on and on as over 1,800 people have put their opinion in. However, with so many Call of Duty titles to choose from, it’s unlikely that everyone will all agree on which CoD title deserves sole possession of the spot.

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