Dr Disrespect tells Huskerrs to stop “blaming audio” for his Warzone losses

. 1 year ago
Dr Disrespect and Huskerrs side by side
YouTube: Dr Disrespect/NRG

In true Dr Disrespect fashion, the Two-Time called on Huskerrs to stop blaming audio for his losses in Warzone, even though the Doc loves pulling that card himself. 

When it comes to losing a game of Warzone, there are plenty of outside factors to blame if you can’t blame yourself for making a mistake.

Maybe a cheater ruined your day, or the connection wasn’t spot on. Or, maybe, your controller wasn’t working as it should have. If you’ve played Warzone, you’ve heard them all.

One popular excuse is the audio, players blaming broken footsteps and silent shots. Dr Disrespect loves pulling the broken audio card, even outside of Warzone, so he couldn’t help but poke fun at Huskerrs for it too.

Twitch: DrDisrespect
The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

After revealing that he was maybe putting $10,000 on Logan Paul to beat Floyd Mayweather, the Doc got a little spicy on Twitter, taking shots at TimTheTatMan and CourageJD before Huskerrs got into his crosshairs.

“I wish you’d stop blaming audio for your deaths,” The Two-Time said to the NRG content creator, who quickly fired back. “I know you’re saying the same thing watching these deaths,” replied Huskerrs.

In true Doc fashion, he had to get the last word in, taking shots at Warzone’s broken audio in the process. “I’m watching you on the 120-inch projection screen with full-blown THX 7.1 surround sound and I don’t hear anything. Blows my mind,” he added.

The Doc’s excuses for losing have become infamous, so if anyone knows a thing or two about blaming an issue, it is him.

He isn’t the only one to blame the audio, however. Plenty of Warzone players have had the same complaint over the last few months, and called on Raven to make some changes. Maybe they will, eventually, so the excuse is left dead and buried.

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