Dr Disrespect takes shot at Infinity Ward over MW2 Riot Shields

Dr Disrespect on streamYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has never been one to bite his tongue when he has a complaint about a game and after running into a Riot Shield user in a Free-For-All match, he let Infinity Ward know exactly how he felt about the weapon being in the game at all.

Doc’s relationship with Call of Duty has been a tumultuous one. He first made his name as a creator in the commentary era of gaming content by playing games like Modern Warfare 2 and eventually went on to take a level design job at Sledgehammer Games as they developed Advanced Warfare.

While there’s no denying the highs he’s reached with the franchise, he’s never shied away from criticizing the games either. This time around all it took was running into a Riot Shield to send him over the edge. “

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Dr Disrepsect blasts Riot Shields and Infinity Ward in MW2

It was only a few minutes into a Zarqwa Hydroelectric FFA when Doc ran into a Riot Shield user, who to their credit, absolutely outplayed the Two-Time with a well-placed throwing knife.

Doc danced around them and tried to find a vulnerable angle, but ultimately the enemy blocked him off effectively and claimed a relatively easy kill.

First, he tried reasoning with the Shieldbearer, saying he would back out of the game if they didn’t put the defensive tool away, but then he took things a step further.

“Nobody wants to play a f***ing Riot Shield…except for the studio at Infinity Ward,” he shot off.

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This isn’t the first time he’s been hard on the game either. He notably rage quit and uninstalled the game only three days after it launched and before that gave it quite a low score in an early review.