Dr Disrespect suggests one key change Warzone’s Iron Trials mode should make

Shay Robson

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded has come with the release of a bunch of new content, including the release of Iron Trials ’84, which streaming star DrDisrespect has praised Raven for, but he has a subtle change or two in mind.

The release of Iron Trials ’84 is a blessing for those that are sick and tired of the regular Rebirth and Verdansk modes, as it’s labeled as the most challenging battle royale experience to date.

Iron Trials ’84 game mode is vastly different, with a range of changes from increased health and increase regeneration per second, to a variety of weapon changes and of course, increase buy station prices.

Among those who’ve played the new game mode is streaming superstar DrDisrespect, and while he’s praised Raven, he’s suggested a small change to make it even better.

DrDisrespect is one of the most popular streamers in the world.

After playing his first game of Iron Trials with fellow content ZLaner, The Two-Time praised the devs for bringing something fresh to the game, saying: “I kinda like this mode, it feels like we’re playing a slightly different game.”

Despite claiming he likes the new game mode, that didn’t stop The Doc from giving a suggestion on how it can be better. While discussing some of the new changes with his duo partner, one of them particularly stood out to him, that being the new zone changes.

ZLaner pointed out that the zone now moves 12% faster in Iron Trials, but the streaming star thinks that the timings between each zone should be faster instead: “I would’ve just shortened down the timing between the circles.”

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DrDisrespect and ZLaner swiftly took a win in their second Iron Trials match, with the Doc at the end regurgitating that he really enjoyed the new game mode: “Man, I gotta be honest though, that mode? I liked it, I liked it.”

The speed of Warzone games has always been a gripe for the Two-Time, but who knows if Raven will listen to him this time around.