Dr Disrespect slams CoD devs for lack of support after Twitch ban: “I took it personal”

Dr Disrespect with Captain Price from CoDDr Disrespect / Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has hit out at the team behind Call of Duty for not supporting him following his infamous ban from Twitch, admitting he took the decision to exclude him personally.

Dr Disrespect has been a vocal critic of both Warzone and the Call of Duty series as a whole in recent months, from his underwhelmed response to the Modern Warfare 2 reveal, to his well-documented problems with the state of the battle royale.

The streamer has abandoned the series, especially Warzone, many times, but has always ended up reinstalling after a short hiatus. He’s even been developing his own battle royale title, which he hopes will rival Warzone when it finally drops.

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As it turns out, bad feelings still harbored from his infamous Twitch ban are one of the biggest causes of Doc’s frustrations with the series.

Dr Disrespect StudioDr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect was controversially banned from Twitch, and the streamer feels he wasn’t supported by Activision.

During a live stream, Dr Disrespect was asked why he ‘rips’ Call of Duty so much. To which the two-time began criticizing the team behind the series for turning their back on him when he was suddenly dropped by Twitch.

“Listen, I just point out the obvious. Plus, when I got banned from the purple snakes’ platform, they like secretly shadow banned me and stopped talking to us and all that stuff,” Doc explained.

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He then referenced the “multiple commercials” and various projects that had worked on in CoD, even mentioning the work he had done previously on the games themselves.

“Design half the maps from Advanced Warfare, like we’ve done a lot with the franchise, right? For them to turn the cold shoulder like that, trust me, I took it personal.”

Doc continued to call the CoD devs “phonies,” and hit out at the current state of the series, both in terms of Warzone and Vanguard. “I’ll tell you right now, there’s a lot of phoniness inside that corporation,” he ranted.

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“Of course I’m gonna rip their game, look at the s**t, pathetic position it’s in. We’re talking about the biggest franchise in gaming right here, and you’re going to let it get to this level? That’s pretty bad.”

It wasn’t just Call of Duty, he also accused EA of doing the “exact same thing” and turning their backs on the streamer following his ban. Doc finished by saying: “There’s a lot of phoniness in this industry, holy s**t.”

Dr Disrespect clearly doesn’t have too many good things to say about the Call of Duty series these days, so we’ll have to wait and see if the upcoming ‘Project Moon’ game from his own studio will raise the bar.

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