Dr Disrespect shocked hackers may have attended CoD Next amid Nadia Warzone allegations

dr disrespect on warzone dramaYouTube/DrDisrespect

YouTuber Dr Disrespect has chimed in on the Censor-Nadia hacking accusations and is shocked that Activision could have invited a hacker to CoD Next over him.

Modern Warfare 2 is nearly upon us, but there has been plenty of drama in the community leading up to its release, with popular Warzone streamer Nadia being accused of cheating by aspiring CDL pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin.

So far, Censor has yet to unveil any proof, but he has threatened to expose the upcoming female star along with other alleged hackers in a turn of events that has gripped the CoD world by storm.

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Now, the two-time himself has seemly weighed in on the controversy during a recent broadcast where he mentioned Call of Duty Next and how a cheater may have been among those invited.

Dr Disrespect chimes in on Nadia Warzone cheating allegations

On stream, Doc commented on the situation with Censor and Nadia, explaining how he the player had put himself in a “peculiar position.”

“I’m going based off his character and who he is from my perspective of him over the years. I just don’t see someone like him bluffing, or f**king around or doing it for clout,” he said. “He’s never been like that. I’m just curious to see how this all unfolds. Especially if there are bigger names in there, which, who knows?”

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The banned Twitch streamer went on to explain how he doesn’t know everyone who went to the Call of Duty Next event, remarking that he only watched a little bit of Warzone, but was confused at why a hacker may have been invited.

“Imagine, I don’t know, not inviting the two-time, but you invite a hacker to your event?” Doc pondered with a sly grin on his face. “That would be something, huh?”

The two-time went on to say he was just enjoying watching it all play out.

Of course, it’s not clear if hackers were in fact Call of Duty Next, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens alongside him.

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