Dr Disrespect roasts TimTheTatman’s CoD Vanguard gameplay: “you’re not doing s**t”

Doc roasts TimTheTatman vanguard gameplayActivision/YouTube/TimTheTatman/DrDisrespect

Streaming legend Dr Disrespect is quite excited for the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard and subsequent updates to Warzone, but if there’s one thing he’s not quite as hype about, it’s TimTheTatman’s gameplay, which he mocked on stream.

Like many, TimTheTatman got his hands on Vanguard and tried the latest CoD out for himself, but his session could certainly have gone a bit better and not earned the wrath of Doc’s critique.

Right off the bat, Tim felt a bit defeated, not happy with who he was matched up against in the lobby.

“Who are you afraid of, Timmy?” the two-time asked. “Don’t tell me it’s Swagg that he’s afraid of? I’d bury Swagg. I’d cut him down so fast.”

As the game began, Doc took issue with Tim’s weapon of choice, control setup, and his kill-death ratio.

“Jesus, you’re two and eleven,” Doc slapped, but continued to watch with a wicked grin on his face as Tim kept getting mowed down. “You’re not doing sh*t!”

“Timmy, I just realized, I think your K/D is less than one!” he added while Tim continued to point out he was playing against FaZe Swagg. “Oh my God, do you hear him? How many times, Tim? What do you mean, it’s not fair? Wake up!”

Amusingly, even some of Doc’s backseat gaming would have come in handy, as he rhetorically told Tim not to stay in the same spot or risk being gunned down. Sure enough, YouTuber’s newest star fell victim shortly thereafter.

To be fair, when Tim would make a good play such as secure frags with grenades or capture an objective, Doc would praise him. Sadly, for every good play, it seemed like a couple of poor deaths would follow, preventing Tim from being super successful.

Still, expect both Doc and Tim to team up a lot in Vanguard, so it’s probably better that the two-time sees what he’s working with now as opposed to when the game launches.

Hopefully, the two can improve a great deal from now until then, as both streamers have some major chemistry to catch up on now that they can finally play together ever since Doc’s infamous Twitch ban back in 2020.