Dr Disrespect roasts “clueless” Nadeshot in hilarious Warzone ‘Doc Cast’

Isaac McIntyre
Dr Disrespect roasted Nadeshot for a hilarious Warzone play
Twitch: Dr Disrespect / YouTube: 100 Thieves / Infinity Ward

Dr Disrespect left Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag redfaced after roasting him with a hilarious Doc Casts skit in the middle of a Warzone battle, dubbing him “clueless” as he left Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lepore fighting alone for nearly a minute.

It was a star-studded team that landed in Modern Warfare’s new battle royale on March 17 ⁠— former OpTic champ Nadeshot, FaZe superstar Cloakzy and, of course, the mustached face of Twitch, the Two-Time himself.

While the trio had a mostly harmonious Warzone grind ⁠— unlike when Nadeshot locked horns with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins in the CoD game mode last weekend ⁠— Dr Disrespect couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rib his 100T teammate.

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The Two-Time had already found himself eliminated, and was spectating his squadmates as they faced five final enemies. When he spied Nadeshot crouched motionless in a bunker, he knew he’d found another vintage Doc Casts moment.

He quickly switched his Twitch stream overlay into a casting setup, complete with multiple monitors, and a Dr Disrespect-branded commentary desk. As Cloak battled for his life above, the Doc opened fire on a “clueless” Nadeshot.

Twitch: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect flicked over to his vintage ‘Doc Cast’ streaming setup to roast Nadeshot during their Warzone match.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, we’re onboard with Nadeshot right now… now we’re on Cloak outside, doing all the damage. Switching to Nadeshot… he’s not doing sh*t,” the Two-Time began in a stereotypical commentary voice.

His comedic tirade was only just getting started, however, as his Fortnite-famous squadmate engaged two more opponents above where Haag was hiding. “Cloakz… he’s doing everything he possibly can to make sure they win the game.”

“Back on board with Nadeshot, not doing a goddam thing,” he continued. “Cloakz at the top of the f*cking mountain, doing everything! Nadeshot… not doing anything, trapped in a corner, clueless. Nadeshot goes down cause he’s absolutely clueless.”

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While it was a hilarious streaming moment the Doc grabbed with two hands, he clearly didn’t mean anything by it ⁠— Nadeshot and him have been streaming on and off together since the Two-Time first landed on his now-exclusive platform.

That didn’t mean the Call of Duty world champion may not have had his feelings hurt. After the Twitch clip was shared around by Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, the 100T owner felt the need to defend what the Doc had dubbed a “clueless” play.

“For the record, Cloak muted up… the plan was to play inside the bunker and let both teams fight each other,” Haag said in response to the jokes already rolling in on Twitter. “Had no idea what was going on or where everyone was.”

All’s well that ends well too though. Nadeshot may have struggled to find impact in the dying moments of the match, but Cloak managed to pull off a last-second self-revive and eliminate the final two enemies for a Warzone Victory.

Cloak added his own joke at Nadeshot’s expense too. “I was going out to do my thing, and you just wanted to watch the wall,” the FaZe star said, and continued laughing as the Doc alerted Haag to the ‘Doc Cast’ he’d just been apart of.

Nadeshot didn’t sound convinced that was a good thing, but at least he may be able to have a laugh about the moment later ⁠— after all, Dr Disrespect has now captured it forever with another vintage commentary skit.