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Dr Disrespect responds to Captain Price’s Warzone challenge

Published: 30/May/2020 21:39

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty’s infamous Captain Price is assembling a Warzone strike force ahead of Season 4, and Dr Disrespect has had the best response yet.

Captain Price has been a fixture in the Call of Duty universe since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007. Now, he returns as the newest operator for 2019 Modern Warfare and Warzone’s fourth season, and is recruiting talent to join his notorious Task Force 141.

So far, popular streamers like CourageJD, Dr Disrespect, HusKerrs, Nadeshot, TimTheTatMan, and Vikkstar have all been sent the call to action, with Price intent on filling his multinational special operations unit to the brim with versatile skills.


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But, while the rest have reacted, Dr Disrespect has responded—playing hard to get and letting the legendary captain know that serious business requires serious payment.

Price’s request of Doc’s abilities was simple: “I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but even I can admit, some of these shots that you’re making — you may just be the best sniper operator that I know.”

High praise coming from a former sniper himself, but the Two-Time isn’t so easily swayed, letting Price know that “first, you’re going to have to go through my agent. And then, once you get through my agent, you call my lawyer and my marketing team and legal team. And then we’ll discuss payment.”


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While the 141 may have to pay for Doc’s precision, they’re also looking to round the group out with some troopers who may be better known for their character than their gun-toting caliber—with TimTheTatMan being the prime example.

Rounding out the unit

As Price told Tim, “some of your tactics are fubar, but I like it. Every squad needs a wildcard, even if their K/D is…off.”

Every successful unit needs teammates that can get roasted a little bit, the Charlie types from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” bringing aforementioned wildcard energy. Tim fits that role and Nadeshot most certainly can too, although Price was sure to warn him not to come with the 2015 choke strats.


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“Might have a spot for you on the squad, just don’t pull out anything wacky like you did in 2015. HBR, mate, are you serious?” Referencing Nadeshot’s legendary HBR stumble at 2015’s Call of Duty Championship, Price makes it clear that there are limits to what he’ll accept from his currently coalescing motley crew. 

Fortunately, Doc and Price should also be joined by some talented marksmen and not just potentially washed up streamers. Vikkstar and HusKerrs are two of the best Warzone players in the world and likely the game’s top two earners thus far—and both are being heavily recruited on the merits of their accolades.


For the latter, Price was quick to note the cracked gunner’s kills stats in the popular battle royale: “Sent 23,000 souls to the Gulag? Mate, that’s mental.”

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As for Vikkstar, Warzone Wednesday achievements and national pride were easily enough for his appeal to action: “Heard you’re famous for breaking records … But I’m looking to smash some more things and the boys are set to visit Verdansk. And who better to join the 141 than a three-time champion who is also a noble Brit.”

With those two enlisted, the others can be as goofy as they want. Even if they grab CourageJD too, who Price called into action while roasting him for “starring in music videos now.”


No word just yet on the Doc’s contract situation, but Price is a persuasive guy and we’re sure he’ll be able to break through the red tape of Doc’s agent, lawyer and marketing team soon enough for June 3’s deployment date.