Dr Disrespect outlines CoD map idea to overhaul Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer

Dr Disrespect talking into mic with Apex Legends cartoon in backgroundYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Mustached YouTube entertainer Dr Disrespect has outlined his Call of Duty map idea to overhaul Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer, claiming it would avoid issues he has had with the last couple of CoD installments. 

In the days before he was one of the internet’s most popular streamers, Dr Disrespect (or Guy Beahm, the man behind the mustache and wig) was actually a level designer at Sledgehammer Games, working on Call of Duty. 

He has drawn on his experience in the past, designing maps for games such as Rogue Company

During a recent August livestream, the YouTube star turned back the clock again and put on his developing shoes to offer advice on how the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 should overhaul its multiplayer and captivate players once again. 

Dr Disrespect calls for major map changes in future CoD titles

Explaining that the last couple of CoD titles – Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War – just didn’t suck him into multiplayer, he outlined an idea he had whilst working for Sledgehammer that he believes would reinvigorate the series’ multiplayer as Warzone continues to detract from its popularity.

The Doc stated that specific maps for specific modes would massively increase the level of gameplay on offer, even if it would be a complex change for the devs.

He said: “It’s something I even preached when I was designing maps over at Sledgehammer… I think maps could be specifically designed for game modes. Obviously you could play them in all the game modes right? But specifically a Capture the Flag map, specifically a Domination map, specifically a Hardpoint map, etc etc etc. I feel like that can be done.”

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He continued: “That’d be a big decision to pursue that route. It’s actually probably a lot riskier too. But like I said, these last couple multiplayer games from Call of Duty it just feels like I’m playing the same four maps. And the difference between those four, there’s not much of a contrast… Modern Warfare, modern-day, you could do a lot of sh*t yanno? Lot of different themes, a lot of different layouts [and] color palettes.” 

Doc also disagreed with some in chat who argued that CoDs are “rushed” out, but he did suggest a more infrequent release cycle would enable devs to be more innovative. 

With Modern Warfare 2 confirmed as a two-year title – with Treyarch’s next title not releasing until 2024 – there should be ample opportunity for Doc-approved innovations.