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Dr DisRespect has a Message for David Vonderhaar About Blackout

Published: 10/Sep/2018 19:36 Updated: 10/Sep/2018 19:50

by Bill Cooney


It hasn’t even been a full day since the Call of Duty Blackout beta went live, but there’s plenty of evidence that the hype is in fact real.

During his livestream of the beta gameplay on Twitch, popular streamer ‘Dr Disrespect’ had a message for Treyarch’s Game Designer Director David Vonderhaar, who is one of the key figures in the development of Blackout.

“Before I jump into this next game, because I love this game, I love it man. I love it Treyarch, I love it,” he said.

Aside from voicing his approval for Blackout, the Doc had a specific message for Vonderhaar.


“Vonderhaar you can DJ all you want. I know you’ve got your turntables hooked up in your prius right now,” he said. “If I were you, I’d take the whole Treyarch staff outside of 3100, bring em out into the parking lot and have a little BBQ and you can press those little MP3 buttons all you want all day. Vonderhaar, I love Blackout.”

Blackout seems to be getting a warm reception from the community so far, with the Doc and a ton of other streamers showing off all the action and raving about the beta on Monday.

If Vonderhaar does decide to throw a Blackout BBQ, we’ll be sure to bring along some of that world-famous Dexerto potato salad.