Dr Disrespect explains how Warzone can improve ‘slow’ Solo modes

Dr Disrespect Warzone gameplayYouTube: DrDisrespect / Infinity Ward

Dr Disrespect has lashed out against Solo playlists in battle royale games, highlighting Warzone as a particularly ‘dull’ experience. However, the two-time has a solution that could fix the game’s biggest issue.

Like most battle royale games, Warzone features a wide range of options when it comes to team size. There’s your standard Duos and Trios playlists along with a bigger option for Quads.

Like most in the genre, they also provide a playlist just for individuals too. You’ll drop in alone, fight by yourself, and come out as a single winner if you best everyone else in the lobby.

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However, it’s this individual experience that often proves to be lackluster. At least, that’s how Dr Disrespect views the mode. “How come these battle royale games can’t make some sick a** Solo modes? Doc questioned during a Sep. 21 stream.

It’s a question that he’s given a great deal of thought from the sounds of it. The internet celebrity explained how Warzone’s Solo experience could be improved above all others with a simple change.

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“I think the speed in Warzone’s Solos can be bumped up tremendously,” he suggested. Instead of changing core weapon balance, the frequency of vehicles, or any other random factors, he put forward a simple idea to increase the pace.

“If one of the things is hiding… okay, then let’s talk about something that I’ve been talking about for years. A sweeping UAV or reveal of the map.”

In order to force campers out of their position, a constant UAV could pinpoint them on the radar as the match comes down to the wire. That’s not to say that a radar will always be in effect, but when needed, it could push the pace and get players on the move.

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It’s a simple solution that could dramatically impact Warzone’s Solo playlists. Typically, it’s favorable to get your loadout, get your armor, then find a spot to hideout. However, this idea would always keep players moving. 

Not only would this feature pay huge dividends to the Warzone experience, but it could improve the whole battle royale genre, according to Doc. “I think battle royale is still in its infant state in terms of design and the potential of what [the] experience can be. There are just so many things you can design and write.”

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The relevant topic begins at the 22:30 mark below.

No stranger to game design, Dr Disrespect has been returning to his roots with an exclusive map design for Rogue Company. Perhaps there’s a chance his ideas are also used to help mold the future of Warzone’s individual playlists.

Warzone is set to carry over in a big way with the upcoming Black Ops Cold War release. There’s never been a better time for a huge shakeup to the formula.

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