Dr Disrespect details one major Warzone 2 issue that needs fixing in Season 2

Dr Disrespect talking to camera with picture of himself in backgroundYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has highlighted an issue in Warzone 2 that he believes needs fixing in Season 2 even though no one is really talking about it. 

It’s fair to say that Dr Disrespect has had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Warzone 2 to this point, as the Two-Time has threatened to quit more times than anyone can count. 

He’s had some high hopes for the CoD battle royale, but that has petered out over time. With the Season 2 update right around the corner, it’s the perfect time for the game to sort of relaunch itself, especially as there is a new map coming in the form of Ashika Island

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While plenty of players are excited about the big new addition, as well as some other key changes, The Doc is hoping that the devs tackle a lingering issue that many players aren’t too aware of. 

Dr Disrespect wants audio issue fixed in Warzone 2 Season 2

It came during his February 2 stream, as the YouTube streamer partnered with ZLaner to try and get a duo nuke from the Champions Quest

That didn’t happen, though, as the Two-Time was left fuming about a few things – most notably, the sound your character makes when healing. “You know what’s one thing that people don’t mention that I think should be part of a patch? Toning down the amount of volume when I receive a little bit of damage,” he said.

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“After the gunfight, say if I win it, the dude is heavy breathing. I’m healing up and the sound of my healing is loud. Like, all that s*it can be brought down by 80-90%. Don’t let that impact your recoverability. It sustains for far too long. It’s loud and it lasts forever.”

Timestamp of 18:40

As Doc noted, it is a bit of an under-the-radar thing, so it would be a quality of life fix for the devs rather than a massive overhaul. 

They can throw those sorts of updates out at any time really, but it’ll have to become a sticking point for more players before they possibly make a change.

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