Call of Duty

Dr DisRespect confidently guarantees a win in next Blackout match and immediately dies right after

by Albert Petrosyan


There is usually never a shortage of hilarious moments during Dr DisRespect's streams, even if some of them are unintentional. 


The popular Twitch streamer, who can sometimes be a little too overconfident in his gaming abilities, was humorously hit hard by reality during a session of Call of Duty's new Blackout battle royale mode.

As he and his teammate were waiting to load into a match, the Doc assured his chat that they was not going to stop short of victory.


"100% guaranteed, stamp of approval, gold medallion swinging guarantee that we're winning this game!" he exclaimed confidently.

Things ended up not working out exactly as the Doc had planned; as soon as he touched down, he was only able to take a few steps before a nearby players shot him in the back and eliminated him. 


While the fact that he died almost instantly after such a confident prediction is hilarious in its own rite, his reaction afterwards may have been the funniest part of it all.

The usually talkative streamer was held speechless by the sudden and quick nature of his death, and all he could do was somberly say "Well, there's my guarantee."


Online gaming could be a cruel teacher to those get too confident, even for the back-to-back, 1993/1994 Blockbuster online gaming champion superstar that is Dr DisRespect.